Piezo Transducer Based on Flexible Materials

DuraAct™ Piezo Composite Transducers

  • Extremely Flexible and Highly Formable composite Piezo Transducer
  • Actuator, Sensor or Energy Source
  • Can be Applied to Curved Surfaces
  • Cost-Effective, Standard & Customized Solutions
  • Noise cancellation
  • Vibration cancellation
  • Adaptive surface control, structural deformation and stabilization
  • Energy harvesting
  • High-dynamics positioning and precision motion control
  • Structural health monitoring


P-876 DuraAct patch piezo transducers are piezocomposite transducers for adaptronics and commercial applications such as aerospace, smart structures, automotive, and machinery. The can also be used for energy harvesting and for structural health monitoring.

These piezoelectric transducers offer the performance and functionality of piezoceramic materials  (sensing, actuation and electrical charge generation). Used as bender actuators, they allow high deflection of up to 0.8 mm with high force and high positional resolution in the nanometer range. Other possible operation modes of DuraAct transducers are as high-dynamics pressure or motion sensors.

These piezo transducers are ideally suited for active and adaptive systems. Embedded in a servo-control loop, active vibration cancellation is possible and contours can be controlled in the nanometer range. A special Piezo Driver is also offered. The E-413.D2 is a stand-alone, amplifier board and provides precision control for bipolar piezo shear and bender actuators both in static and dynamic operation.

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