Piezo Actuators with Motion Amplifier, Wear Free

Zero-Wear Piezo Flexure Actuators Replace Classical Actuators in Optics, Biotech and Medical Positioning Applications

  • Flexure Guidance for Frictionless, Ultra-Straight Motion
  • Low Cost, Custom Designs
  • Travel Ranges to 0.5 mm standard, to >1 mm feasible
  • Resolution to 0.2 nm
  • High Dynamics and Stiffness
  • Sub-Millisecond Response Feasible
  • PICMA® Long Life Piezo Actuators
  • Open and Closed-Loop Versions

PiezoMove® vs. Conventional Lever Amplified Piezo Actuators 

PI's new flexure-guided piezo linear actuators provide much larger travel than standard, direct drive piezo actuators in a low profile package, with virtually unlimited resolution (nanometer and below) and lifetime. What sets PiezoMove® actuators apart are the internal frictionless flexure-guides, making additional bearings or guiding mechanisms obsolete when integrating the actuators into a positioning system.

Closed-Loop Option Offers Very High Precision 
PiezoMove®  linear actuators are available with integrated, absolute-measuring position sensors for closed-loop operation with high linearity and nanometer range repeatability.

Very Fast Response: Millisecond Settling Times 
The stiff design with high resonant frequencies allows settling times donw to the sub-millisecond range, ideal for highly dynamic applications.

Typical Applications 
Biotechnolgy, Medical Instrumentetion, Fast Switches & Pumps, Nanopositioning, Semiconductor Testing, Adaptronics, Photonics / Integrated Optics.


Piezo Actuator Overview

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