Piezo Actuators, High Performance

High-Load, High Resolution Piezo Actuators and Piezo Drivers

High-force piezo actuator series improved with Power PZT ceramics; new line of high-voltage drivers also available 
PI is the leading manufacturer of piezo actuators and offers the largest product variety in terms of load capacity, travel range, temperature range and dynamics. While most medium and low force piezo actuator applications are covered by patented PICMA® multilayer piezo technology, the classical stack actuator technology enables applications where extremely high forces are required or high levels of customization are needed.

Lower Power Consumption, Forces to 30,000 N, Amplifier Power from 1 to 2000 W 
Four newly developed, preloaded HVPZT piezo actuator series (P-212, P-216, P-225 and P-235) are now equipped with the advanced PIC 255 PICA Power piezoceramic stacks. They feature load capacities from 2000N to 30000N, travel ranges from 15µm up to 180µm and standardized dimensions. The integrated preload makes these actuators ideal for dynamic applications (e.g. precision machining, active vibration damping, etc.) and push-pull applications. In contrast to HVPZT piezo actuators of older design, they have positive polarity and a different connector. The low-capacitance, piezo ceramics require less electric power – a special advantage for high dynamics applications. Five RoHS compliant high-voltage piezo drivers ranging from 1 W to 2000 watts of power are available to drive the new HVPZT actuators. All models E-462, E-464, E-508, E-421 / E-470 / E-471 / E-472, E-481 are delivered preset to provide positive output voltages and otherwise improved in many details compared to their predecessors.

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