Optical Axis Nano-Focus Piezo Stage, N-725

Optical Axis Piezo Nano-Positioning Stage Offers 5X more Travel Range

N-725 piezo nano-focusing mechanism and E-861 digital servo motion controller. This combination is available as the ND72Z2LAQ package.

Nano-Focusing and high precision positioning of microscope objectives along the optical axis has just made big step forward: While piezo actuation has always been the undisputed choice in optical positioning when dynamics and nanometer accuracy matter, some applications would have benefitted from more travel range. A new design principle developed by PI now extends the positioning range to 2 mm (2000 microns) while maintaining very short settling times on the order of 20 milliseconds.

Patented PiezoWalk®  Linear Motor 
Based on a patented piezo linear motor drive, the N-725 provides travel ranges of up to 2 mm along the optical axis to quickly and precisely change the focal plane. Despite its small size, the new device replaces and combines the performance of two individual stages: a fine focus drive and a stepper motor linear stage for coarse, long travel motion. The challenge was to implement the high-stiffness piezo motor in a compact mechanical housing no larger than previous piezo-flexure-actuator based PIFOC® objective stages providing travel ranges from 0.1 to 0.4 mm. The new long-travel piezo motor provides 5 to 20 times the travel range, sub-nanometer resolution and locks into a position, without further need for power, significantly improving long term stability.

High resolution microscopy methods, such as two-photon microscopy, make it possible to record 3D stacks with mm depth in biological samples. Here conventional piezo techniques have posed a limitation. The new PI N-725 piezo-motor objective positioner and scanner breaks with conventional wisdom and helps exploit the new possibilities.

Controller and Software
The piezo-z-focus drive comes complete with a powerful motion controller and software. It is compatible with leading microscope imaging suite software packages.

Features and Benefits

  • Long-Travel (2 mm) ideal deep penetration depth / 2-Photon microscopy
  • Complete system with digital controller, software and QuickLock insert for Objective
  • 2 mm travel range
  • 20 ms settle time


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