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XYZ Nanopositioning Stage with Air Bearings – Compact 3-Axis Linear Stage with High Dynamics for 24/7 Automation

PI’s compact XYZ Nanopositioning Stage with Air Bearings & Direct-Drive Motors Provides 10x10x10mm Travel, Nanometer Resolution, and is well suited for high duty cycle, 24/7 automation applications.

San Francisco, CA -- PI introduced a new, compact XYZ Nanopositioning Stage, based on air bearing guide technology and voice-coil, direct-drive linear motors, at the 2022 Photonics West conference.

The compact 3-axis nanopositioning stage is based on PI’s A-142, miniature air bearing slide and suited for high precision, high-dynamics positioning, scanning and alignment applications in fields such as optics, photonics, semiconductors, etc. 

Based on a frictionless, wear-free precision motion system with high dynamics, this multi-axis linear translation stage excels with 10mm XYZ travel and a small footprint of only 80x90mm. The Z-axis has an integrated counterbalance to compensate for gravitation forces and maximize the dynamics and performance of the Z-axis motor. The XYZ nanopositioning stage has integrated linear encoders with 5nm resolution.

PI provides a large  number of motorized XYZ precision positioning stages with many motor and drive options for industrial automation and research applications.  For the highest precision and performance, with shorter travel ranges, piezoelectric, closed-loop, flexure guided 3-Axis nanopositioning stages are recommended.