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New Linear Motor Stages with Magnetic Direct Drives and New Motion Controller, from PI

Ultra-precise linear motor stages are well-suited for industry and research positioning and scanning applications, such as found in precision automation, micro-assembly, biotechnology, laser beam control, optics, lens testing, and photonics alignment.

Motion and nanopositioning industry leader PI is expanding its PIMag® series of high dynamics linear motor stages with 2 new models and a new motion controller. Stages are equipped with incremental and absolute-type linear encoders for direct position measurement and ironless 3-phase motors and single-phase voice-coil drives.

Why ironless linear motors?
Ironless, non-cogging linear motors provide very smooth motion, and a high dynamic velocity range along with rapid acceleration. They are ideal for applications where high or extremely constant velocity is required, such as in optics inspection, metrology, photonics, interferometry, and semiconductor test equipment. The frictionless, zero-wear motor drives are also popular in fast automation applications, where reliability and maximum uptime are crucial.

Affordable system with excellent guiding accuracy: V-551, 4 to 9 inch travel range
The V-551 models come equipped with an integrated absolute-measuring, encoder providing 2 nanometers resolution. Absolute encoders don’t require referencing and avoid accumulation of errors due to noise or cable issues. Precision crossed roller bearings with anti-creep cage assist guarantee excellent guiding accuracy (1µm straightness / flatness per 100mm).

V-522 Voice-Coil Linear Stage: 5 to 20mm travel range
With travel ranges of 5mm, 10mm, 20mm, and a maximum velocity of 250mm/s, the frictionless voice-coil drive of the V-52x series ensures high accuracy and long life. An integrated optical linear encoder and precision crossed roller bearings with anti-creep cage assist provide high positioning resolution and guiding accuracy. With very low moving mass and no moving cables, the voice-coil direct linear drive results in high scanning frequencies to tens of Hz while not being subject to wear and tear. The stages can also be easily stacked to make XY systems.

C-891 Compact Motion Controller for 3-Phase Linear and Torque Servo Motors
PI’s compact C-891 motion controller is designed for sine-commuted 3-phase linear and rotary motors, is equipped with automatic detection of the motor phase. It can run on A/B digital or analog (sin/cos) encoder signals and also incorporates BiSS interface support for absolute-measuring encoders.

Details: V-551 – Long Travel, 3-Phase Linear Motor Stages Details: V-522 – Compact Voice-Coil Linear Scanning Stages Details: C-891 – Closed-Loop Motion Controller for 3-Phase Motors Article Video