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New Compact Hexapod with Higher Performance for Industrial Alignment Applications

Designed to deliver 2x velocity and 8x higher resolution

PI has added a higher performance model to its range of compact hexapods. The New H-811.i2 provides twice the velocity along with sensor resolution up to 8 times higher compared to the current H-811.D2 miniature hexapod.  The compact size, robust design with low friction ballscrews brushless motors, and powerful controller with multi-axis alignment capabilities make the new hexapod an ideal tool for high duty cycle alignment applications in optics, automotive and photonics applications.

How do Hexapod Parallel Motion Systems work?
Hexapods are 6 DOF positioning / motion systems that derive 6-axis movement (XYZ, pitch, yaw, roll) from actuators placed in parallel between a top and bottom platform.  Available in a variety of sizes with bases ranging from 50mm to 1m and different load capabilities up to 2 tons, PI hexapods are an easy solution to complex multi-axis precision motion applications. PI hexapods come with state-of-the-art controllers and software tools based on 25 years of hexapod R&D, resulting in fast solution implementation to a plethora of applications from medical to photonics. All 6 axes can be commanded simply as Cartesian coordinates, and the center of rotation can be changed on the fly with a software command. Other advantages are the absence of friction and torque, caused by dragged cables.

Features & Advantages
- 6-Axis System (XYZ, Theta X, Y, Z)
- Travel ranges to 34mm linear / 42° rotary
- Strut Resolution: 5 Nanometers
- Load capacity to 11 lbs
- Repeatability to ±0.06 µm
- Velocity to 20 mm/sec

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New Compact Hexapod with Higher Performance for Industrial Alignment Applications

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