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New 160 Page Catalog on Piezo Linear Motors, Rotation Stages, and Multi-Axis Motion Systems

Piezo motors provide excellent dynamic properties, such as high acceleration and fast start/stop behavior, along with nanometer precision and stability. In contrast to traditional piezo mechanisms, like piezo stacks and piezo flexure stages, piezo motors are not limited to short travel ranges. 

These properties are used in many industrial and research applications including precision automation, micro-assembly, high resolution microscopy, mobile devices, opto-mechanics, and scientific instrumentation.

PI’s new comprehensive piezo motor solutions catalog covers a large number of linear, rotary, and multi-axis motion systems based on a variety of piezo motor types along with their appropriate controllers and drivers.

Ultrasonic piezo motors, for example are preferred for high-speed applications; inertia motors are small and cost efficient; PiezoWalk drives provide the highest forces up to 800N and piezo-ratchet drives can replace micrometers in remote “set and forget” applications.

All piezoelectric motors are self-locking, field-less, and not affected by magnetic fields, and can be easily integrated mechanically. Appropriate versions are also available for applications in vacuum.

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Nanometer Precision Positioning with Piezo Motor Linear Rotary Stages

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2018 Piezo Motors Catalog (high res image)

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