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Mini-Hexapod for Dynamic 6-DOF Error Correction

The P-915KWEF is a miniature piezo-based hexapod for error correction.

High-Stiffness Due to Direct-Drive Piezo Drives and Flexures
This miniaturized 6-axis hexapod was designed for dynamic error correction. The parallel-kinematic design with piezo actuator direct drives results in a very compact and stiff positioning solution, compared to conventional multi-axis designs. It is easily mounted inside rotary stages to virtually eliminate wobble and eccentricity errors and can be adapted to other long travel positioning systems for improved multi-axis motion accuracy.

Integrated, direct-measuring capacitive probes provide absolute, sub-nanometer resolution position feedback with high bandwidth. The stiff, frictionless flexure design enables exceptional responsiveness and accuracy.

Applications of the Piezo Hexapod:
Dynamic error correction of eccentricity, wobble and axial runout, of rotary stages, vibration insulation, fine adjustment.

Features & Advantages

- Stiff Design, 1kHz Natural Frequency, High Dynamics due to Piezo Direct Drives

- All 6 Degrees of Freedom: XYZ, Pitch, Yaw, Roll

- 1 Nanometer Linear Resolution, 0.07µrad Angular Resolution

- Linear Travel Range 70µm

- Absolute Measuring, Direct Metrology Capacitive Probes for Closed-Loop Operation

- Space-Saving, Parallel-Kinematics Design for Easy Integration

- Wear-Free Piezo Drives, Operate in Strong Magnetic Fields / High Vacuum


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