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Direct-Drive Linear Actuators / Linear Slides for High Load, High Speed Industrial Applications

Affordable high speed, high precision, linear actuator stages with maintenance-free linear-motors, for OEMs in industrial motion control applications.

PI introduces two new affordable direct-drive stage actuators, models V-855 and V-857. Both provide higher performance and accuracy compared to screw-drive or belt-drive actuators, with improved cost-efficiency.  The lack of time-consuming, costly maintenance and the much higher operating speed for improved throughput in production provides a significantly better ROI compared to conventional actuators and stages.

The new linear actuators are fully assembled and tested and provide high resolution with 0.1µm minimum incremental motion. The high-performance, cog-free 3-phase linear motors provide excellent dynamic performance, high speed up to 5m/sec and high acceleration up to 5g with short settling times. Integrated optical linear position sensors measure down to 1nm increments.

V-857, the larger of the two, can handle loads up to 1000N and is offered with travel ranges up to 1.2m.

Wear Free Motor Design for High Reliability

The robust and stiff industrial design with backlash-free, wear-free, and friction-free smooth 3-phase motors guarantees operation for a long lifetime.

Driven by PI’s EtherCat-based high-performance industrial controllers, the smooth, cogging-free motors excel in precision motion applications where high contouring accuracy and smooth velocity profiling are of the essence.

Ideal for OEM Precision Motion Applications

The V-855 and V-857 linear stage/actuators were designed with industrial performance and affordability in mind and are ideal for high performance OEM applications. When XY motion is required, stages can easily be combined to form 2-axis arrangements.

Application Fields

Electronic parts assembly: sensor, camera, and optics assembly. Noncontact optical inspection, X-ray inspection, and AOI (automated optical inspection). Sensor and ultrasonic tests. Semiconductor manufacturing: wafer processing and inspection. Laser processing and machining: precision laser welding. Highly dynamic applications in precision automation, where smooth scanning motion, minimum tracking errors, and short settling times are required.

Specifications, Datasheet, More Information

V-855 High-Speed, Direct Drive Linear Actuator / Stage  V-857 High-Speed, Direct Drive Linear Actuator / Stage

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