Miniature Actuator - N-470

New Miniature Linear Actuator for Opto-Mechanical Adjustment in Vacuum

Ultra-Compact Piezo Motor-Driven Screw-Type Actuator now Available for UHV

PI adds two vacuum compatible miniature linear actuators to its N-470 PiezoMike linear actuator product line. The N-470.V (HV) and N-470.U (UHV) miniature actuators are based on a cost-effective inertia drive (Stick-Slip). When at rest, the actuator drive is self-locking and therefore requires no electric power and also generates no heat. It holds the position with a maximum force of 100 N.

Ideal Actuator for Alignment of Mechanical and Optical Components 

For stable alignment of optical paths it is critical to provide excellent long-term positioning stability. The PiezoMike design from PI provides this stability for long periods with reliable start-up even after longer downtimes. High resolution in the nanometer range and high holding force and are achieved by combining piezo actuators with a mechanical rotation / thread translation. Vacuum-compatible to 10-9 hPa.

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Motion Controllers 
Several OEM and bench top controllers for up to 4 channels are available. Versions with USB interface include host software and LabVIEW drivers.



Linear Actuator Overview

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