Cost-Efficient Integrated XY Stage for Instrumentation OEM’s

The new low profile XY stage series is equipped with precision crossed roller guides, hall effect limit & reference point switches and stepper motors with manual knobs.

July 02, 2019: The new M-971 Stage Series has been developed for industrial instrumentation applications including imaging and microscopy as well as lithography, and alignment applications that require repeatability to the sub-micron.

Cost Efficient

Driven by robust micro-stepped motors, the M-971 achieves velocities to 10mm/s and minimum incremental motion to 0.2µm. The stepper motors are equipped with adjustment knobs allowing use as a manual stage. A low-cost, compact motion controller (model C-663.12) is also available from PI. The XY stage features limit and reference switches to ensure fast and precise referencing and safe operation.

Proven Components – Ideal for OEM integration

The M-971 drivetrain is based on a widely used linear stage from PI. Its reliability and long lifetime have been proven in use for years and stress-tested for long-term performance maintaining.

Feasible Modifications

Two modifications are feasible for OEM’s: A closed-loop upgrade with linear encoders for higher positioning accuracy as well as a large aperture for applications that require light transmission through a mounted sample such as transmitted light microscopy, transient absorption microscopy, hyperspectral imaging, etc.

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