Linear Stage, Nanopositioning, Hybrid

Piezo & Servo-Motors Together Provide Better Performance

  • Hybrid System Combines Advantages of Piezoelectrics and Electromagnetic Drives
  • 2 Nanometer Linear Encoder Resolution
  • 100 mm Travel
  • Velocities to 125 mm/sec
  • Active Compensation of Stick/Slip During Startup and Settling
  • Active Backlash Compensation
  • Excellent Velocity Control
  • Millisecond Settling to Nanometer Accuracy
  • Reliable Execution of Minimal Increments
  • High Drive and Holding Forces with Minimal Power

M-511.HD Long-Travel, High-Speed Nanopositioning Stage
The M-511.HD linear stage is based on the proven design of the M-5x1 precision micropositioning stage series, with an integrated, flexure-guided, piezo actuator added. The M-511.HD allows velocities to 125 mm/s with an encoder resolution of 2 nm and load capacity of 50 kg for horizontal operation.

Absolute Accuracy 
The servo-control loops for both the motorized and the piezo drive use the same position sensor. The result is a motion system with hundreds of millimeters travel but with the precision of a piezo-based nanopositioning stage. The resolution and the positioning accuracy depend on the choice of the feedback sensor. PI hybrid systems currently use optical linear encoders with a resolution of 2 and 4 nm. Depending on the stage, a minimum incremental motion or a repeatability of 4 nm can be achieved over the entire travel range.

Typical Applications 
Surface Inspection, Microscopy, Laser Technology, Interferometry Metrology


Linear Stage Overview

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