FSM Controller

Lower Cost Fast Steering Mirror Controller for Piezo Tip/Tilt Platforms

  • Three Integrated Piezo Drivers Provide up to 10 W Peak Power
  • Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Versions
  • Internal Coordinate Transformation Simplifies Control of Parallel Kinematics Designs (Tripod & Differential Drive)
  • Compact and Cost-Effective Design for OEMs

The E-616 is a special motion controller for piezo based fast steering mirrors and tip/tilt platforms.

Tripod or Differential Piezo Drive—One for All!
All PI multi-axis piezo tip/tilt mirrors are based on parallel-kinematics: all actuators directly move the same platform. PI basically distinguishes two kinds of designs: the tripod design (e.g. S-325, see Link) allowing Z/tip/tilt motion and the quadropod differential drive design (S-330, see Link or S-334, see Link) where actuators operate in pairs in a push / pull-mode.

Internal Coordinate Transformation Simplifies Control
The E-616 fast steering mirror controller has can drive both designs. Its internal circuitry takes care of the coordinate transformation.

Simple Setup and Operation
To facilitate integration, setup and operation the E-616 motion controller features both front and rear panel connections.

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