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Gantries for 3D printing and laser material processing

A new hybrid gantry design combines the advantages of air bearings and traditional bearings in to one compact, high performance systems. Operated with state-of-the-art ACS motion controllers, higher accuracy and throughput can be achieved, while programming of complex motion profiles is facilitated with easy to use software. Applications are found in laser machining, 3D printing, photonics, robotics, microscopy, and precision industrial automation applications.

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Photonics alignment / fiber alignment systems

Silicon Photonics (SiP) means photonic devices are now being fabricated alongside microelectronics on silicon wafers. Testing and packaging these requires nanoscale alignments across multiple channels with high throughput.

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Air bearings myths and FAQ’s

Unlike mechanical bearings, air bearings free of wear and friction. The article answers questions on when to use air bearings and when to go with mechanical or flexure bearings.

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Multi-axis automation production assemblies

At the nanometer level, multi-axis piezo-mechanic nanopositioning systems make possible 3D nano-manufacturing based on laser lithography. Focus and path precision are extremely critical requiring mechanics and servo electronics to provide nanometer precise trajectory control.  

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6-Axis Parallel Kinematic Machines (PKM’s)

PKM’s are often referred to as Stewart Platforms. Based on a 6-axis (XYZ, Pitch, Roll, Yaw) actuator system arranged in parallel between a top and bottom platform, PKM’s have many advantages over serial kinematics designs, such as lower inertia, improved dynamics, smaller package size and higher stiffness.

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Piezo nanopositioning basics – precision, speed, stability

There are several ways to achieve nanometer precision motion.The best positioning systems avoid friction all together, in both the drive system (motor) and in the guiding system (bearings). Piezo drives provide much more than just nanometer resolution. 

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Tools for Imaging / Bio-Nanotech, Life Sciences

Piezo nano-positioning stages are essential tools for high-resolution microscopy, such as Super Resolution Microscopy or AFM. Their sub-atomic resolution and extremely fast response allow researchers to create higher-quality images faster. 

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