Nanopositioning, Motion Control, and Performance Automation Advancement

6D Robots Help Ensure Shape Accuracy

6-axis parallel kinematic hexapods speed up precise measurements of aspheric surfaces by enabling fast, precise positioning of the calibration sphere and test object.

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Capturing the Scene Perfectly

Dynamics, path accuracy, repeatability, and simulated real operating conditions are provided by 6 DOF hexapods for applications such as LIDAR, smartphone cameras, AR/VR headsets, and drones.

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Fully-automated Silicon Photonics Wafer Probing

Testing SiPh chips is crucial to reducing costs as faulty chips are identified and removed from the continuing manufacturing process. Precise alignment of signal-carrying glass fibers in six DOF is necessary to perform this task.

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The New Dimension of Laser Processing

Lasers are indispensable tools in industrial materials processing including drilling, micromachining, welding, cutting, and ablation, but its positioning and motion control are key components to using one properly.

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Electronics Manufacturing Processes Evolve

Precision, throughput, reliability, and flexibility of production systems are becoming more decisive at a wafer and chip level, not to mention at printed circuit board level. Each positioning and motion task in the process must meet these requirements.

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