New Precision Motion Options for Lasers, Automation, Metrology, and Microscopy

PI has been working on many laser, optics, and active alignment solutions with industry leaders. Here’s a quick overview.

How to Achieve More by Combining Laser Control with Motion Control

A modular approach to ultrafast laser processing, through advanced triggering options allows design engineers and integrators to build better systems faster. But what is the right balance of speed, power, and precision?

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High Dynamics Motion Systems for Lasers in Drilling, Micromachining, Welding, Cutting, Ablation

Lasers are indispensable tools in industrial materials processing, but its positioning and motion control are key components to using one properly. Motion controllers and software boost throughput, productivity, and quality.

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Photonics Alignment Solutions

Testing SiPh chips is crucial to reducing costs as faulty chips are identified and removed from the continuing manufacturing process. Precise alignment of signal-carrying glass fibers in six DOF is necessary to perform this task.

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50 Ways a Hexapod Can Exceed Your Precision Motion Requirements

Hexapods, six-legged parallel-kinematic machines, can solve many complex positioning and alignment tasks in in fields including Optics, Photonics, Precision Automation, Automotive, and Medical Engineering. Features include a programmable pivot point, sub-micron precision, and load capacities from 2kg to 2000kg.

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Light Sheet Microscopes Influenced by Flamingos?

Precise sample positioning delivers crucial conclusive images using precision motion components. It’s just coincidence that the modular design of the special light sheet microscopes developed by Professor Dr. Jan Huisken and his team happen to look like the exotic bird sleeping.

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What Do you Know about Nanopositioning and Flexure Stages?

Sub-millisecond response, high force and zero-wear are 3 reasons to use piezo flexure positioners. Other advantages include extremely smooth nanometer scale motion that’s easy to control, minimized moved mass, high stiffness, and billions of cycles of reliability.

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Air Bearings - Do you Know the Benefits for Motion and Metrology?

Bearing rumble and mechanical tolerances in traditional positioning systems limit the positioning precision and can even render surface roughness measurement data useless. Linear/rotary air bearings provide completely frictionless motion with excellent geometric performance, velocity stability, and high load capacity.

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A Piezo Motion Tutorial

What is the difference between piezo motors and piezo actuators? Not all are created equal - different piezo actuator and piezo motor technologies solve different problems. Learn why and how you should be using piezo motion for force generation and nanopositioning applications.

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