Micro-Positioning Stages with Reduced Prices

With 2018 upon us and negotiated price reductions on all major components used in the manufacturing of our precision stages, we're passing these savings on to our existing and new customers. 

PI invites you to take this opportunity to discuss our world-leading micro-positioning motor technologies (DC/Stepper, Linear and Voice Coil Motor, Piezo Inertia and Ultrasonic) along with our new pricing structure. 

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Why Google Engineers can make better Cameras using PI's Direct-Drive Hexapod Multi-Axis Motion Platform

Google's Pixel 2 has one of the most advanced cameras found in smartphones today. In a recent Youtube video by "Nat & Friends" on how Google built the Pixel 2 Camera, PI's H-860 "shaker" hexapod is shown in a motion simulation application. Modern cameras use electronic image stabilization algorithms to reduce side effects from motion that otherwise would blur images and video. The better a designer can simulate and repeat the actual vibration and unwanted motion generated by typical humans holding a camera, the more effective countermeasures can be devised.



Motion Simulator "Shaker" Hexapod Uses Magnetic Direct Drives

The H-860 6-axis hexapod was designed for high dynamics motion simulations that require zero-play positioning and delivers that without mechanical noise in the drivetrain. It is based on PI's own PIMag voice coil linear magnetic drives, frictionless for fast response and a long service life. The direct-drive hexapod, comes with a powerful digital controller with open software architecture and hexapod-specific software. 

  • Operating frequencies up to 100 Hz for small strokes
  • Carbon fiber for low inertia and fast response
  • Velocity 250 mm/sec, 4g acceleration, quiet operation


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VIDEO Technologies for Precision Motion Control & Automation

Watch and learn about motion positioning control and automation solutions thru real-life applications and animation.

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Nanometer Resolution Motion Controller for Mini Piezo Motor Micrometer-Actuators

The new E-871.1A1N digital servo controller is the latest model in a series of drivers and controllers specifically designed for inertia-motor based opto-mechanical actuators (piezo ratchet drives) that are widely used in the semiconductor, laser and photonics industry for fine-tuning of complex systems. The miniature actuators are often employed as "set-and-forget" mechanisms with an option to remotely make adjustments, where manual micrometer screws would necessitate a system-shutdown to allow for corrections. Other application fields include bio-nanotechnology, microscopy, and micro-manipulation.

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World Class Service & Support, Available Around the Globe

PI's committed to exceeding customer expectations for service. PI's On-Site Services range from a one day quick start site visit to comprehensive training programs to a day with a senior engineer at your location, at your disposal. An Extended Warranty of 3, 4 or 5 years and Contracted Support Services to meet system up-time demands are additional components of PI's Global Services. 

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EtherCAT® popularity increases as the fastest Industrial Ethernet-based fieldbus system

EtherCAT® is a modern, cost efficient, open real-time Ethernet-based fieldbus system. Registered trademark and patented technology licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany, EtherCAT is short for "Ethernet for Control Automation Technology" and is used by control and system engineers as a robust, high-speed, real-time network for machine control solutions. The flexibility of the fieldbus system and the precise synchronization of all network devices help EtherCAT to gain popularity on a global base.




NEW Precision Motion Control Solutions 

PI's precision linear stage solutions are engineered for medium loads and travel ranges to 300 mm. 

Read how classical precision positioning technologies are still going strong while striking the right balance between affordability, accuracy, and reliability in this blog post.


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Discover What Product You Need - Quickly & Easily!

Find the best-fitting product for your motion and positioning task as fast as possible with PI's new Product Finder. Get started by choosing product type and axes of motion required.

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Design Seminars & Access to Motion Specialists

An on-site educational Lunch & Learn session is a great way to get PI solution information that is tailored to your specific application concerns. Best yet, it's FREE.

  • Typically run in (2) 45 minute sessions for Engineers, Design Specialists, and others who have an interest in precision motion control problem solving, all you provide is the room.
  • PI provides the food for pre-registered attendees, and delivers the information you need - not a sales pitch.

Topics include

  • Basics of Piezo Flexure Mechanisms
  • Advances in Automated Photonics Alignment
  • Benefits and Limitations of Parallel Kinematics Motion Systems (Hexapods)

Consider a PI Lunch & Learn as you try to solve your motion and positioning challenges. Email us at to set-up your educational session.

Need Advice? Talk to Precision Motion Experts at these upcoming events:


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BioPhysical Society Annual MeetingFeb 17 - 21 San Francisco, CA
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OFCMar 13 - 15 San Diego, CA
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