Miniature XY Scanning Stage combines 10nm Resolution and 200mm/sec Velocity - Meet the NEW U-723 

Based on the piezo effect, ultrasonic piezo linear motors are compact, deliver very fast response times, and highly accurate positioning. In addition to high dynamics, the motors are self-clamping at rest providing high position stability without the need for power.

  • 22mm Travel Range
  • 200mm/sec Max. Velocity
  • Very Fast Step & Settle
  • Self Clamping Design
  • Vacuum Option


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Precision Laser Machining Systems based on ACS Industrial Motion Controllers

Based on the high bandwidth of an industrial ACS motion controller with EtherCat interface this system integrates a high speed galvo scanner and linear motor stages. The high performance motion controller virtually increases the field of view and avoids stitching errors. 


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Two NEW 6-Axis Motion Platforms

Introducing the newest additions to the SpaceFAB family of products for scanning and positioning in all 6 Degrees of Freedom: N-865 (left) and Q-845 (right).

N-865 High End, Low Profile, 2nm Minimum Incremental Motion

  • 2nm Minimum Incremental Motion
  • 15N Load Capacity
  • Clear Aperture


Q-845 Compact, 6nm Minimum Incremental Motion 

  • 6nm Minimum Incremental Motion
  • 10N Load Capacity
  • 5mm/sec Velocities


Nano-3D Manufacturing Technology with Piezo Mechanisms and Laser Lithography

3D printing and additive manufacturing are gaining traction in prototyping and industrial manufacturing of complex parts. Typical 3D printers can produce feature sizes down to a few 10 microns. Significantly higher resolution is available with a new laser lithography system. Here the production of complex three-dimensional micro- and nanostructures is based on photosensitive materials. In addition to advanced laser technology, a motion system capable of controlling the focus and 3D position of the sample with nanometer precision within milliseconds is crucial. Piezo-flexure mechanisms, together with powerful digital motion controllers, take care of this aspect.



Discover What Product You Need - Quickly & Easily!

Find the best-fitting product for your motion and positioning task as fast as possible with PI's new Product Finder. Get started by choosing product type and axes of motion required. 


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2,048 Microstep Resolution Attained with Compact Stepper Motor Controller

The newest addition to PI's suite of motion controllers, the cost-effective C-663.12 is designed for 2-phase stepper motors, in open-loop or closed-loop operation commanded by USB or RS-232. Up to 16 units can be combined via daisy chain to operate multi-axis motion systems. The Mercury controller includes a 48-V wide-range-input power supply, and all cables required for operation. Programmable digital and analog I/O lines and input lines for limit and reference point switches controlled via TTL signals are also integrated.



NEW Nanopositioning Solutions Catalog

The 80-page catalog covers products and custom engineered systems, including automated photonics alignment engines, linear motor stages, piezo actuators, air bearings, hexapod Stewart platforms, and high performance motion controllers. Creative application solutions complement the existing comprehensive portfolio of precision motion and positioning technologies, components, and systems.


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