Industrial Linear Automation Stages: Heavy Duty or High Speed?

Orientation versatility, very high speed, and very long lifetime all play unique roles in automated processes sub-systems. The new lines of linear stages are specifically designed for test, metrology, alignment, and assembly applications in the precision motion and automation industry.


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Performance of Miniature Inertia-Motor Positioning Mechanisms

  • Size plays a key role in miniaturization and automation
  • Smaller is usually better
  • New type of ceramic miniature motor provides an excellent balance of size, precision and cost

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Hexapods Advance Production Processes

  • Hexapods are “learning” how to directly communicate with PLC or CNC controllers via fieldbus interfaces
  • Load capacity from 2kg to 2000kg, travel from 10 to hundreds of mm
  • Semiconductor, electronics, and automobile industries are noticing the advantages of hexapods: lower inertia, improved dynamics, smaller package size, higher stiffness

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Why Medical Equipment Design Engineers move towards Piezo Transducers and Piezo Ceramic Motors

  • Electromagnetic motors and drives have been optimized for more than 100 years
  • Miniaturization and bandwidth limitations reduce the efficiency of electromagnetic motors
  • Piezo transducers can fill these voids...

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Do you know the Difference Between Piezo Actuators and Programmable Piezo Shims?

  • Piezo actators offer high dynamics, high-stiffness, and stability
  • Programmable shims are used for set-and-forget applications
  • They can be reprogrammed any time, remotely

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How Google Engineers a better Smartphone Camera with a Multi-Axis Hexapod

  • A shaky hand ruins a selfie
  • Hexapods provide accurate simulation of motion in 6 degrees of freedom
  • Google engineers can simulate unwanted motion and vibration for both still images and video recordings

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