Hexapods and Parallel Kinematics Positioning Systems FAQs

Hexapod positioners are the most versatile multi-axis positioning systems. Often referred to as a Stewart Platform, a hexapod is based on a 6 actuators arranged in parallel between a top and bottom platform. PI parallel kinematics (PKM) precision positioning systems have many advantages over serial kinematics stages, such as lower inertia, improved dynamics, smaller package size, and higher stiffness. In addition, hexapods are more flexible than conventional 6-axis positioners. 

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Advances in Precision Motorized Positioning Systems: Options for Design Engineers

Motion and positioning systems and control technologies are advancing rapidly. This means engineers have access to an expanding spectrum of options to leverage previously unattainable performance and form factors... 

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Piezo Flexure Mechanisms: How they Work and what Applications they Enable

Flexure-guided and motion-amplified piezo mechanisms, are the gold standard when it comes to precision, speed, and force in a small package. To make them more accessible for the OEM designer, manufacturers package the actuator...

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Inertia Motor-Based Miniature Positioning Mechanisms: Overview of Applications and Performance

Size plays a key role in miniaturization and automation, where smaller is usually better. A new type of ceramic miniature motor provides an excellent balance of size, precision and cost. 

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Why Medical Equipment Design Engineers move towards Piezo Transducers and Piezo Ceramic Motors

Electromagnetic motors and drives have been optimized for more than 100 years. They can be found applications from toys to aerospace systems. With all their advantages, there are limitations such as magnetic fields (undesirable in certain applications), reduced efficiency when it comes to miniaturization as well as bandwidth limitations. Piezo transducers can fill these voids... 

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