Fast Platform for Mirror Tilting

Short Settling Time - High Dynamic Linearity - Parallel-Kinematic Design

Dynamically adjustable mirrors play an important role in countless optical structures. Examples are image processing and stabilization, optical filters and switches, optical traps, laser tuning, and many more. The S-335 tip/tilt platform is versatile in use thanks to its parallel-kinematic, multi-axis design and its flexure guides, which are free of maintenance, friction, and wear. It allows fast, high-dynamics motion with high precision.

Key Features of the S-335 Tip/Tilt Platform

Tip/tilt angle to ± 17.5 mrad; high optical deflection angle to 70 mrad (4°)
Parallel-kinematic design: Two orthogonal rotational axes with one common center of rotation
High resonant frequencies from 2 kHz (unloaded) to 0.7 kHz (loaded with 1 inch mirror) for dynamic motion and fast step-and-settle
Integrated strain sensors for high linearity

Light Coupling in Fiber Matrix

High-precision beam control for coupling of laser light in individual glass fibers for the generation of dot graphics with the highest demands on precision and speed

E-727.Xf Digital Multi-Channel Piezo Controller with EtherCAT Fieldbus Interface

Simultaneous control of up to 3 axes
20 kHz sampling rate for control
100 kHz sample rate for sensor reading
ID chip support for automatic calibration of the controller to the piezo mechanics (fast startup and interchangeability of system components)

Further Applications for Tip/Tilt Platforms

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White Paper

Piezo Tip/Tilt Systems

Design – Performance – Tuning

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WP4012E 2018-10
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