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PI’s tech blog offers 50 years of insight into innovative applications of precision motion control, nanopositioning, and micropositioning in industry, science, and research. We hope the PI blog is an enjoyable and informative resource, and a starting-point for innovation across disciplines.

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PI Product and System Applications

Products and Systems Applications

Each market and each application has different requirements for positioning solutions, for example, in regard to precision, dynamics, travel range, control, or software. Because of the broad technology and product portfolio, PI can respond individually to the requirements and even flexibly combine – from individual components up to multi-axis system assemblies.


Webinar topics include piezo mechanisms, adaptive machines, automation manufacturing advancements, photonics assembly & packing concepts

Piezo Motion Control Wiki

The demand for higher speed and/or precision in fields such as bio-nanotechnology, semiconductors, metrology, data comm, and photonics keep pushing manufacturers to come up with innovative drive technologies.

The Piezo Effect: Mechatronics Precision Positioning

Nanopositioning Tutorial

There are several ways to achieve nanometer precision motion. The best positioning systems avoid friction all together, in both the drive system (motor) and in the guiding system (bearings). Frictionless bearings also avoid the bearing rumble caused by balls and rollers and provide vibration-free motion with highly constant velocity.


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