Precision Motion Control for Export Controlled Applications

PI US Headquarters, Auburn, MA
PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. US Head Office (Auburn, MA). Features R&D, engineering, repair, sales, service facilities, application labs, a large warehouse, and nanometrology equipment for test & calibration. Compliant with US laws for export controlled technologies.

Export Controlled Applications:
PI-US has been registered with the US Department of State since 2005 and has an ITAR TCP in place to fulfill the needs of customers with Export Controlled Applications. PI works with US customers on COTS and customer piezo / nanopositioning requirements under the ITAR TCP.
Email PI for secure ITAR email address for further communication.

PI USA draws on the resources of a 1000+ person global company with design, metrology and manufacturing facilities on 3 continents.

PI is the global leader in piezoelectric motion control (actuators, motors, nanopositioning and scanning stages) and hexapod parallel kinematics positioning systems. Advantages of PI Piezo Stage systems are: frictionless flexure designs, parallel kinematics (better multiaxis trajectory control), parallel metrology (keeps motion of all controlled axes inside the servo loop), capacitive feedback (direct measuring, non contact), digital control (wider dynamic range, better linearity, autocalibration…).

Product Examples