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Highly Dynamic Hexapod Motion Simulator Platform - Voice-Coil Motor-Driven
PI introduces a new, highly dynamic 6-axis hexapod motion simulator platform for vibration simulation, image stabilization and similar test and qualitifaction tasks. The voice-coil motor-driven hexapod has a resonant frequency of 200 Hz, acceleration of 4g's and velocity of 250mm/sec. For more information watch the dynamic hexapod platform video.

Low-Cost Hexapod Parallel Positioner
The new H-820 low-cost hexapod was developed for applications that require multi-axis motion and high flexibility but do not need sub-micrometer precision. The H-820 provides linear travel to 100mm; rotary travel to 60°; load capacity of 20 kg; velocity of 20mm/sec; and resolution in the micron range. H-820 parallel positioner datasheet

Miniature Vacuum-Compatible Parallel-Kinematics Positioning Systems
The M-811 Small Vacuum Hexapod Positioning System is a high precision positioner for small vacuum chambers. . ...more information on Vacuum Hexapods
PI Hexapod Systems Collection keeps Growing
PI - the world leader in Hexapod (Stewart platform) positioning systems design - has been manufacturing 6-Axis parallel-kinematcs precision positioning systems for industry and research for 2 decades. An array of new standard and custom hexapods is now available for a ...more information
F-206.S Low Cost 6-Axis Micro-Hexapod System More Affordable

The F-206.S Micro-Hexapod Positioning System & alignment system is the lowest cost precision hexapod of its kind currently on the market. Including software and a sophisticated 6-D controller it provides 6D motion with true 100 nanometer minimum incremental motion (33 nm encoder resolution) at a lower price than other six-axis alignment systems.

...more information

M-833 and M-880 Tripod Parallel Kinematics Positioning Systems
In addition to its wide range of 6-axis Hexapod parallel-kinematic positioners, PI also offers 3-axis stages that take advantage of the parallel-kinematic design principles. An innovative X, Z, θY, tripod stage and a low profile planar XY θZ stage are available.
M-810: Miniature Hexapod 6-Axis Precision Positioning System
Six Degrees of Freedom in a Small Package With two decades of Hexapod design and manufacturing experience, PI electro-mechanical Hexapods and Piezo Hexapods are the most advanced multiaxis precision positioning systems in the world, providing significantly higher accuracy. ...more information
M-850K102 Ultra-High Load Hexapod Hexapod Positioning System 6-Axis Stage
PI has designed a unique Hexapod high-load 6-axis positioner for astronomy applications and other alignment tasks. The M-850K102 custom Hexapod combines extremely high precision with a load capacity of up to 1000 kg. It provides minimum incremental motion to 0.8 µm and 1 µrad, respectively. The six individual actuators have a design resolution of 0.08 µm and a stiffness of 40 N/µm. ...more information
M-824 Vacuum Hexapod Positioning System Precision 6-Axis Stage for X-Ray Microscopy
The new M-824 Hexapod precision 6-axis micropositioning and alignment system from PI provides high-resolution motion in six degrees of freedom. Its compact size and ability to work in vacuum environments makes the Hexapod suitable for applications in X-ray microscopy, aligning optics, and semiconductor technology....more information
NEXLINE® Piezo Hexapod System - Non Magnetic 6-Axis Precision Positioning System & Piezo Tripod Stage
PI has developed a custom, non-magnetic piezoelectric hexapod based on the N-215 NEXLINE® ultra-precision piezo motor drives. This Hexapod 6-axis positioning stage can be used in applications with very strong magnetic fields. ...more information
Custom Hexapod Positioning Systems
PI has designed a large variety of custom hexapod positioning systems for various applications from medical to aerospace ....

more information in Custom Hexapod Postioning systems

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