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Photonics & Optic Alignment Systems

PI provides a variety of innovative fiber alignment systems from motorized fiber positioners to automated optic and photonic alignment such as used in telecommunication, data commumication and for packaging / automation. In addition to fiber-based applications, fast steering systems for free-space-optical communication are also available. Products range from motorized 6D micromotion alignment systems for industrial photonics automation, through ultra-fast piezoelectric scanning & alignment modules to modular devices with manual control for laboratory test setups. All motorized systems come with extensive software for easy setup and integration.

White Paper: Automated Fiber Alignment Engines
Application Note: Double-Sided Fiber Optic Alignment with H-206 Hexapod
Video: Fast Multi Channel Photonic Alignment Engine for Silicon Photonics
Article: Automated Silicon Photonics Alignment

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H-811 Miniature 6-Axis Alignment System with Controller based on Hexapod Stewart Platform Design

Stewart Platform Alignment System

Learn about Hexapod 6-Axis Systems for Micro Manufacturing / Fiber Alignment Operation
Watch Fiber Alignment Video
  • Integrated Scan & Alignment Routines for Optics and Fiber Alignment
  • Very Compact and Robust Stewart Platform Design
  • 40 nm Actuator Resolution
  • Repeatability to ±0.1 micron
  • 5 kg Load
  • Travel: 34 mm / 42 Deg
  • Velocity to 10 mm/sec
  • Sophisticated controller & Software
  • Control via iPad possible through PI Touch Software

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Applications Papers on Photonic Alignment Systems
Watch H-811 Hexapod Video Demonstation
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Fast Multichannel Photonics Alignment Engine (FMPA)


Learn more about Fast Multi Channel Photonic Alignment Engine
Watch Alignment Video

Watch PI's SiP Wafer Probing Demo at 2016 Photonics West Video
Watch PI's SiP Wafer Probing Demo at 2016 Photonics West Video

The FMPA design is based on a highly specialized digital motion controller (E-712) and a hybrid alignment mechanism to achieve the required long travel ranges without sacrificing stability, resolution or alignment speed. FMPA is implemented in the E-712’s modular firmware to enable fast, simultaneous alignment and tracking of multichannel couplings in multiple degrees of freedom. A broad variety of coarse/fine mechanisms can be used, enabling a spectrum of applications from undiced wafer to final package. Long-travel, closed-loop piezo nanopositioners ensure high throughput and reliable reproducibility. High-precision stage stack or hexapod options accommodate any application up to 6 DOFs per coupling.

Alignment options include a new multidimensional gradient search for aligning and tracking any number of input and output couplings even if they interact. Scanning and modeling functionalities identify global maxima and accurately determine the centroid of quasi-Gaussian, tilted Gaussian, top-hat and tilted top-hat couplings at high speed. Typical alignment modalities complete within a few hundred milliseconds, and time for gradient search alignment and tracking is virtually independent of the number of couplings and degrees-of-freedom.

Silicon Photonics (SiP) means photonic devices are now being fabricated alongside microelectronics on silicon wafers. Testing and packaging these requires nanoscale alignments across multiple channels with high throughput. Testing (especially at the wafer level) and packaging economics both demand extraordinary speed and parallelism. SiP is a mission-critical, industry-wide initiative across the semiconductor field, and also the animating energy behind photonics’ resurgence. PI’s FMPA is the fastest, most flexible, most robust solution.

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6 Degrees of Freedom Systems (Hexapods)
Specifications & Drawings
Stacked Multi-Axis Systems (XYZ)
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H-206 Six-Axis Automated Fiber Aligner with Fast Controller and Software

Automated Fiber Alignment System

Watch Automated Photonic Alignment System Video
The H-206 is a unique, low-inertia 6-axis automated alignment system for fibers and fiber-optical components. Its hexapod-type parallel-kinematics motion engine and a dedicated controller running a variety of user-selectable alignment routines make it superior to conventional 6-axis aligners.

  • Integrated Optical Alignment Routines for Single ModeFibers, Collimators and I/O Chips
  • Motorized Automated Fiber Positioning and Alignment
  • Parallel Kinematics with 6 Degrees of Freedom for Reduced Mass and Faster Settling
  • 0.033 Micron Actuator Resolution
  • Repeatability 0.3 Micron in Space
  • No Moving Cables, Reduced Friction, Higher Reliability
  • For Scanning and Alignment
  • Cartesian Coordinate Control with Virtualized Pivot Point
  • Powerful Digital Controller with Open Source LabView Drivers, DLL Libraries...
  • Optional PIMotion & Vision with Integrated Real - Time Image Processing

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Applications Papers on Photonic Alignment Systems
Watch Video Demonstation of H-206
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F-131 Compact XYZ Motorized Fiber Positioner / Alignment System
with Piezoelectric High Speed Photonics Alignment Module


Customized high speed XYZ modules in a waveguide alignment application. Watch the video below for detailed information.

Compact XYZ Motorized Fiber Positioner / Aligner
F-131 coarse/fine XYZ alignment system

F-131 is a unique two stage aligner and provides an especially versatile, compact and modular approach to building high-throughput nano-alignment processes. By combining compact precision motorized stages with a fast XYZ nanopositioning stage, both efficient first-light capture and fast nanoscale coupling optimization can be achieved in a cost-effective package of minimum size. F-131's 1nm positioning resolution supports even the smallest emerging silicon photonics feature dimensions. F-131 can be used in any orientation and provides up to 25 mm coarse alignment travel together with 100x100x100µm of fast piezo-driven nanopositioning. A variety of controller options are offered including software and high speed alignmemt algorithms.

  • Unique 2-stage High-Speed Aligner (Fiber Positioner)
  • Motorized with Stepper Motor or Servo Motor Drives for Coarse Approach (50 nm resolution)
  • Additional High Speed Piezo Scanning Unit 100x100x100µm for Ultra-Fast Complete Device Characterization
  • From 5 to 25 mm Travel
  • 1 Nanometer Resolution
  • Closed-Loop Option for the Piezo Drives, if Long Term Stability is Required
  • CyberAligner Automatic Scan & Alignment Software

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Fast Steering Mirror for Free-Space Optical Telecommunication

Free Space Optical Communication Steering Mirror
  • Optical Deflection to 100 milliradian (~6°)
  • 1.0 kHz Resonant Frequency with Mirror
  • Closed-Loop Version for Higher Linearity
  • For Mirrors up to 12.5 mm (0.5") Diameter
  • 2 Fixed Orthogonal Axes with a Common Pivot Point
  • Sensor Configuration for Excellent Temperature Stability
  • Zero Friction Flexure Guides

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More on Piezo Steering Mirrors
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P-611 NanoCube® XYZ Piezo Nanopositioner for Rapid Scanning and Alignment

NanoCube XYZ Rapid Fiber Aligner Piezo

Watch Compact XYZ Nanopositioning Video
Watch Compact XYZ Nanopositioning Video
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Video: Silicon Photonics: Automated Manufacturing and Alignment System

Watch Silicon Photonics: Automated Manufacturing and Alignment System
Watch Alignment Video

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Download the White Paper:
Automated Fiber Alignment Engines

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