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Compact Positioning Stages / Linear & Rotary Stages

Compact positioning stages are crucial for the miniaturization process in cutting-edge research and industrial applications, for test & measurement, optical and opto-mechanical alignment and component assembly. PI provides the largest portfolio of miniature stages, including high-speed linear motor stages, economical stepper motor units, and ultra-compact piezo motor positioners.

These highly engineered mini positioners are available in different sizes and motion ranges. Open and closed-loop versions with precision ranges from 1 micron to sub-nanometer resolution are offered. The selection includes linear and rotary stages in single and multi-axis combinations, for ambient and vacuum environments, custom designs and non-magnetic units are also available.

The smallest motorized stages offered are the finger-tip-sized, inertia motor-driven Q-Motion positioners. For the highest performance, the flexure guided PIhera series is recommended.

Custom Stages for OEMs: Since one design can NOT fit all applications, please contact a PI engineer and they will work with you on the best standard or custom solution for your motion application.

For more information on compact positioning technology, download our miniature precision positioning stages catalog.

Selection of Different Drive Concepts

Ultra Compact
Fast, Compact
Voice Coil
Linear Motor
Mini 6D of

1. Motorized Miniature Positioning Stages: Servo/Stepper-Driven

Compact positioning stages with motor / lead screw drives are mostly employed when relatively high forces are required, speed requirements are moderate, and controls need to be very simple.

PI offers positioners with lead screws (typically higher resolution and holding forces) and ball screws (higher speed, lower friction). Both are available with closed-loop servo motors and stepper motors.

L-402 Cost-Effective Precision Miniature Linear Stage

Cost-Effective Precision Miniature Linear Stage
The L-402 is a cost-effective motorized miniature stage equipped with crossed roller bearings for smooth and precise motion. The mini stage is equipped with a direct drive stepper motor or a DC-servo / gearhead and rotary encoder for closed-loop operation with design resolution to 0.12µm and repeatability of 0.5µm, which makes it ideal for micro-manipulation and alignment applications. Optical limit and home switches are also integrated. Backlash-compensated lead screws are standard, ball screws and vacuum versions to 10-6 hPa are available on request. Compact XY and XYZ combinations of the L-402 can be assembled quickly without additional adapter plates.

  • Stepper and DC Drives
  • ˝” Travel Range
  • Repeatability to 0.5µm
  • Velocity to 5 mm/sec
  • 1kg Load
  • Integrated Home and Limit Switches

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote | PDF Datasheet

M-110 Series Lead / Ball Screw Motorized Small Linear Stages, 5-25mm Travel, Servo & Stepper

High-Resolution Micro-Translation Stages with Ballscrew Drive
The M-110, M-111 and M-112 series is is PI’s smallest positioning stage family with “classical” motor drives. It is offered with lead screws (higher resolution and holding force) and ball screws (higher speed, lower friction). The DC-servo motor versions come with motor mounted encoders (calculated resolution as low as 7 nanometers); the stepper motor driven versions are run open loop. Guidance is with linear ball bearings. X, XY and XYZ combinations are available.

  • Smallest Classical Motorized Positioning Stage Series
  • 5, 15, and 25mm Travel
  • Resolution to 0.05µm
  • Velocity up to 2mm/sec
  • DC Motors with Rotary Encoders and Open-Loop Stepper Motors
  • Vacuum Option
  • Piezo Option
XYZ combination example of three M-111 stages
XYZ combination example of three M-111 stages

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote | PDF Datasheet

M-122 Direct-Drive Small Motorized Linear Stage, Linear Encoder, 25mm

Fast Miniature Linear Translation Stage with Integrated Optical Linear Encoder The M-122 is a compact, high precision linear stage with integrated linear encoder providing 100 nanometers resolution. It is a bit larger than the M-112 lead screw-driven stage (with motor/gearhead combination), but provides higher speed and precision.

  • Direct Drive, 20mm/sec Max. Velocity
  • 25mm Travel
  • Direct Measuring Linear Encoder Improves Accuracy & Repeatability
  • 100nm Resolution
  • Low Friction Ball Screw Drive for High Duty Cycles

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote | PDF Datasheet

M-116 Miniature Motorized Rotation Stage

M-116 Miniature Rotation Stage, Worm Gear Drive, Servo & Stepper
The M-116 compact rotary positioner is designed to fit the M-110, M-111 and M-112 series of linear positioning stages. Its preloaded anti-backlash worm drive is available with an open loop stepper/gear motor and closed-loop servo/gear motor.

  • Worm Gear Drive, 360° Rotation Range
  • 0.0001° Resolution
  • Clear Aperture
  • 20°/sec Max. Velocity
  • Mounts Directly on M-110, M-111, M-112 Small Linear Stages

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote l PDF Datasheet

RS-40 Small Motorized Rotation Stage

RS-40 Small Rotation Stage
The RS-40 miniature rotation stage provides a 20mm aperture. Its preloaded anti-backlash worm drive is available with small DC servo/gear and stepper/gear motors.

  • Worm Gear Drive, 360° Rotation Range
  • 0.005° Resolution
  • 20mm Aperture
  • 7°/sec Max. Velocity
  • UHV Vacuum Version to 10-9 hPa Available

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote l PDF Datasheet

2. Stick-Slip Piezo Motor Stages (Ultra-Compact)

Miniature Linear Stage
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Stick-slip piezo motors permit the design of the smallest class of precision motorized positioners. The direct drive motors are only a few millimeters in size, there are no gears, and other conventional power transmission components involved that add size, complexity, play or backlash.

Stick-slip (inertia) piezo motors make use of the difference in the static and dynamic friction coefficients between two surfaces; their controllers provide a quasi sawtooth output voltage, with a slow expansion phase and a fast contraction phase. In the expansion phase, the piezo actuator moves the slider; in the contraction phase, its inertia prevents the slider from following the quick motion of the actuator, and it remains at its position.

Q-521 Ultra-Compact Linear Positioning Stage, 12mm to 32mm Travel, Stick-Slip Linear Motor

Q-521 mini stage The Q-521 is the smallest linear stage currently available from PI. Based on the stick-slip motor principle, it boasts dimensions as small as 21×30×10mm. Open and closed-loop versions. Two linear encoder options for 1 and 4 namometer resolution are offered, both integrated in the stage body, for minimized dimensions.

  • Ultra Compact: 21x30x10mm (Closed-Loop Version)
  • 1nm and 4nm Resolution Available
  • XY Configurations w/o Adapter Plate
  • 12, 22, and 32mm Travel Range
  • 10mm/sec Max. Velocity
  • Self-Clamping Stick-Slip Motor, No Jitter/Drift, No Holding Current
  • UHV and Non-Magnetic Options

Q-Motion XYZ Motion
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Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote | Drivers & Controllers

Q-522 Ultra-Compact Linear Positioning Stage, 1/4" to 1" Travel, Stick-Slip Linear Motor

Mini Stage

The Q-522 series of economical mini positioning stages are driven by a compact piezo inertia motor. They are offered with travel ranges of 1/4", 1/2", and 1". Featuring dimensions as small as 22x22x10mm, the Q-522 is one of the smallest precision linear stages available on the market. Q-522 stages can be combined with the Q-622 miniature rotary positioners to form very compact multi-axis positioning systems.

  • Ultra Compact: 22x22x10mm (Open-Loop Version)
  • 1nm and 4nm Resolution Available
  • XY Configurations
  • Combines with Q-522 Rotary Stage
  • 1/4", 1/2", and 1" Travel Range
  • 10mm/sec Max. Velocity
  • Self-Clamping Stick-Slip Motor, No Jitter/Drift, No Holding Current
  • UHV and Non-Magnetic Options
Multi-Axis combinations of Q-522 and Q-622 linear and rotary stages
Multi-Axis combinations of Q-522 and
Q-622 linear and rotary stages

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote | Drivers & Controllers | PDF Datasheet

Q-545 Miniature Linear Positioning Stage, 13 and 26mm Travel, Stick-Slip Linear Motor

Q-545 Miniature Linear Positioning Stage XYZ Combination
XYZ combination of the Q-545 stage

Multi-axis combination of X-Z linear stage (Q-545), with high-speed U-628 ultrasonic miniature rotary stage
The Q-545 mini positioning stage is driven by a high-force stick slip motor, based on a slightly different design compared to the Q-521 and Q-522 stages. A linear encoder is integrated for nanometer-scale precision. Vacuum versions, and non-magnetic versions are also offered. The piezo inertia drive runs at inaudible frequencies and is self-clamping at rest with position holding forces around 2 lbs.

  • 13 and 26mm Travel Range
  • 2nm Encoder Resolution Available
  • XY Configurations
  • 10mm/sec Max. Velocity
  • 8N Feed Force
  • Self-Clamping Stick-Slip Motor, No Jitter/Drift, No Holding Current
  • UHV and Non-Magnetic Options

E-873 Q-Motion controller shown with joystick and three Q-545 stages

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote | Drivers & Controllers | PDF Brochure

Q-614, Q-622, Q-632 Ultra-Compact Rotation Stages, Stick-Slip Motor

Q-614, Q-622, Q-632 Sub-Miniature Piezo Rotation Stage, Stick-Slip Motor
With 14mm table diameter, the Q-614 is the smallest linear stage currently available from PI. The Q-600 series of miniature rotary stages are based on the stick-slip motor principle. The Q-622 rotation features a diameter of 22mm and is designed to mount on the Q-522 linear stage. The Q-632, a 32mm stage, boasts an ultra-low profile of only 7mm.

  • 360° Rotation Range
  • Self-Clamping Stick-Slip Motor, No Jitter/Drift, No Holding Current
  • Ultra-compact: Diameter from 14 to 32mm
  • 45°/sec Max. Velocity
  • Vacuum and Non-Magnetic Options

Q-614 Sub-Miniature Piezo Rotation Stage, Stick-Slip Motor

Q-614 mini rotation stage, UHV option shown

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote for Q-614
Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote for Q-622
Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote for Q-632
Drivers & Controllers | PDF Datasheet

N-472 Piezo Ratchet Micrometer Actuator, with Position Feedback Sensor

Precision Actuator Piezo Mike

  • Very Compact Inertial Piezo Motor-Drive
  • Closed-Loop Versions with Integrated Position Encoder
  • Vacuum Versions
  • Self-Clamping: Holding force >100 N
  • Pushing force 4 lbs
  • 30 nanometer step size
  • Travel range to 13mm
  • No heat generation at rest
  • Non-magnetic and vacuum-compatible operating principle

PiezoMike N-470 / N-472 Actuators
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Specifications & Drawings, Closed-Loop Version | PDF Datasheet (Open & Closed-Loop) | Vacuum Version

3. High-Speed Translation / Rotation Stages (Ultrasonic Motors)

PiezoMike Actuators
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Ultrasonic motor direct drives are based on the piezo effect. A compact piezoceramic actuator is driven at inaudible frequencies of 100’s of kHz (hence the ultrasonic designation), and with each cycle transfers nanoscopic motion to a linear or rotary ceramic surface bonded to a linear runner or rotary platform. Ultrasonic motors provide very fast start/stop behavior, smooth motion with a very wide dynamic range from microns/second to 100’s of millimeters/second.

Ultrasonic motors are self-clamping at rest, for excellent long-term stability, there is no servo dither, or energy consumption once a position has been reached. While high velocities can be achieved with ultrasonic motors, when continuous scanning is required, magnetic linear motors and voice-coil drives, such as in the V-106 miniature stage, are recommended. Ultrasonic drives permit the design of very compact positioners; the motor design is intrinsically non-magnetic and vacuum compatible.

U-521 PILine® Miniature Translation Stages, Ultrasonic Linear Motor, 18mm Travel

Miniature Translation Stage
The U-521 miniature piezo-motor stage is designed for fast, quiet motion and positioning applications with high resolution and excellent step and settle behavior. Equipped with direct position feedback, two versions are offered, a lower-cost 0.4 micron linear encoder and 0.1 micron version for higher precision applications.

  • 18mm Travel Range
  • 200mm/sec Max. Velocity
  • Very Fast Step & Settle
  • 100nm Resolution
  • Self Clamping Design
  • XY Combinations
  • Vacuum Option
M-663/U-521 XY combination
U-521 XY combination

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote | PDF Datasheet

M-664 PILine® Miniature Translation Stages, Ultrasonic Linear Motor, 25mm Travel

 PILine Miniature Translation Stages, Closed-Loop Ultrasonic Piezo Motors The M-664 small positioning stage provides a longer travel range and a wider basis compared to the M-663 ultrasonic miniature stage. Driven by a larger linear motor, it provides higher output force and improved guiding precision with its dual crossed-roller bearings.

  • 25mm Travel
  • 400mm/sec Max. Velocity
  • 0.1µm Resolution with Linear Encoder
  • Crossed Roller Bearings
  • Self Clamping Design
  • Low Profile XY Combinations

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote | PDF Datasheet

U-628, U-624, U-622 Miniature Ultrasonic Piezo-Driven Rotation Stages, High Speed

U-628 Small Piezo-Driven Rotation Stage, High Speed
The U-628 ultrasonic-motor-driven small rotation stage provides high velocity to 720°/second. It is equipped with an optical, direct metrology encoder, and due to its self-clamping motor design, boasts very high position stability.

  • 720°/sec Max. Velocity
  • Self-Clamping Ultrasonic Motor, No Jitter/Drift, No Holding Current
  • 50x50x19mm Compact Design
  • 35µrad Encoder Resolution

With Ř30mm and Ř20mm, respectively the U-624 and U-622 are even more compact versions of the U-628 rotary stage.

  • 720°/sec Max. Velocity
  • Self-Clamping Ultrasonic Motor, No Jitter/Drift, No Holding Current
  • Very Small Design: Ř20x10mm and Ř30x12mm
  • 52 and 175 µrad Encoder Resolution

Watch Animation

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote l U-628, Ř50mm Version
Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote | U-624, Ř30mm Version
Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote | U-622, Ř20mm Version
PDF Datasheet

4. Miniature Linear Stages with PiezoWalk Motors (NEXACT® Motors)

PiezoMike Actuators
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PiezoWalk is a more powerful and complex drive than stick-slip and ultrasonic motors. PiezoWalk motors combine long travel with high stiffness and force, providing virtually unlimited travel ranges. PI’s NEXACT® motor technology integrates these advantages into a small package. Piezo-class resolution and millisecond responsiveness with low operating voltages, and a self-clamping design are other features.

The motors offer multiple operating modes including a high-dynamics, short-range dither mode with 100’s of Hertz bandwidth and picometer resolution, and several long distance modes optimized for highest force, highest speed, and constant velocity.

N-565 Nanometer-Precision Compact Linear Stage with PiezoWalk Linear Motor

N-565 Nanometer-Precision Compact Linear Stage with PiezoWalk Linear Motor
Driven by PiezoWalk® technology, which combines piezo class resolution with long travel ranges, subnanometer resolution, high forces and stiffness, these stepping drives are not subject to sliding friction or wear as motion is achieved when the “legs” lift off for each step. Designed for high-end applications in bio-nanotechnology, fiber-optics, microscopy, semiconductor testing, and metrology and scientific research in beamlines and laser labs.

  • Ultra-High Precision Design: 0.5nm Encoder Resolution
  • Patented PiezoWalk® Technology combines piezo-class resolution with long travel and extreme reliability.
  • Self-Locking at power off. No drift, no heat generation at position hold.
  • 3 Travel Ranges: ˝”, 1” and 2”
  • Compact Design: 65mm Width, 20mm Height

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote l PDF Datasheet

5. Magnetic Linear Motor-Driven Stages (PIMag® Technology)

PiezoMike Actuators
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Electromagnetic linear motor-driven stages are used in high-speed positioning and scanning applications. They have lower holding forces compared to classical motor /screw driven stages, but no wear in the drive train, and are ideal for fast, high-duty cycle motion and positioning applications.

V-52X Series of Compact High-Dynamics Voice-Coil Linear Stages

PIglide MB Series

The V-52x series of voice-coil-driven linear stages come in 3 sizes and provide high-dynamics over travel ranges of 5mm, 10mm, and 20mm. Applications include optics scanning, fiber alignment, biotechnology, and laser technology. These compact linear scanning stages achieve significantly higher dynamics and speed than conventional screw-type positioners with stepper and servo motors; scanning frequencies of several 10Hz with velocities up to 250mm/sec can be achieved with the recommended C-413 compact controller. The design uses no moving cables and the frictionless voice-coil drive is not subject to wear & tear and generates no particles.

  • No Moving Cables
  • Fast Voice Coil Linear Motor for Rapid Scanning and Positioning
  • Scanning Frequency 10s of Hz
  • Travel Ranges 5, 10, and 20mm
  • Velocity up to 250mm/sec
  • Linear Encoder, 0.1 Micrometers Resolution
  • Crossed Roller Bearings
  • Recommended controller: C-413

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote l PDF Datasheet

PIglide MB Miniature Air Bearing Linear Stage

PIglide MB Series

The PIglide MB is a miniaturized high-speed linear air bearing stage. Driven by a 3-phase linear servo motor, it is equipped with fully preloaded air bearings and an integral high-resolution optical linear encoder. This stage offers ultra-precision in a very compact package. Since motor and guiding system are non-contacting, the motion platform is frictionless without mechanical wear and offers the highest performance, quality, and life. The air bearing offers a locking design for the ultimate in position stability. Applications for this positioner are in precision automation, metrology, photonics alignment, optics positioning, and scanning. The non-contact design avoids particle generation and makes these PIglide air bearing stages ideal for cleanroom applications.

  • Table size 57mm x 83mm
  • Overall height 38mm
  • Travel lengths to 40 mm
  • 3.5 kg max payload
  • Non-contact fully preloaded air bearings
  • Ironless cog-free linear motor
  • Integral optical linear encoder
  • Resolutions to 20nm
  • Velocity to 0.5 m/sec
  • Acceleration to 0.75 g

Specifications & Drawings (PDF) | Request Information, Quote

V-106 High-Speed Positioning and Scanning Stage, Linear Motor Driven

Voice-Coil Scanning Drive The V-106 stage is designed for applications where high velocity and/or fast scanning motion with high duty cycles is required. It is driven by a single-phase linear motor (voice-coil) and guided by crossed-roller bearings. Scanning frequencies to 20Hz can be achieved. The frictionless motor is not subject to wear and tear and particle generation. For high-throughput positioning applications, the rapid settling time of less 75 milliseconds for a 5mm step is a real benefit.

  • 270 mm/sec Max. Velocity
  • 10s of Hz Scanning Frequency
  • 6mm and 20mm Versions
  • Linear Encoder, 100 Nanometer Resolution

PDF Datasheet

V-900k Concept: High Speed Miniature Positioner, Linear Motor Driven

V-900k This miniature positioner is driven by a single phase linear motor (voice-coil) and guided by flexures for long service life. Closed and open-loop operation is possible, and the integrated 100 nanometer linear encoder provides reliable position control and repeatable accuracy. PI's C-413 motion controller features 10kHz servo update rate.

  • 1.5mm Travel Range
  • 0.1µm Resolution Linear Encoder
  • Flexure Guides for Zero Wear
  • 250/45mm/sec Max. Velocity (open/closed loop)
  • >100 Million Cycles Lifetime

PDF Datasheet

6. Piezo Flexure Stages: Ultra-High Performance, Short Travel

PiezoMike Actuators
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Piezo flexure-guided positioning stages provide several advantages over classical motorized positioning systems with mechanical bearings. They are completely free of backlash and friction and can position and settle in milliseconds or even microseconds. Driven by a piezo ceramic, (with optional flexure motion amplifier), the response time is based on the sound propagation in the ceramics.

Piezo flexure stages are used when extremely smooth motion, fast response, high force or continuous scanning is required, with travel ranges typically below 1 millimeter. PI flexure stages are driven with PI’s exclusive PICMA piezo elements that have been life tested for 100 billion cycles and were selected by NASA /JPL for the Mars mission due to their extremely high performance and reliability.

P-620 PIHera Piezo Flexure Miniature Positioning Stages: 0.05 to 1.8mm Travel

PIHera Miniature Stages
These miniature positioning stages are piezo-actuator driven and flexure guided for ultra-smooth, fast and high-precision motion and positioning applications. High precision capacitance positioning sensors provide feedback to a closed-loop controller. PIHera flexure stages are available in X, XY, and Z configurations and can be assembled to form compact XYZ positioning systems.

  • 50 to 1800µm Travel Ranges
  • <1 Nanometer Resolution
  • Backlash-Free Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • PICMA® Ultra-Long Life Piezo Drives
  • Direct Metrology with Capacitive Sensors for Highest Precision
  • X, XY, Z, XYZ Versions
  • Vacuum Option

PIHera XYZ Combination
PIHera XYZ Combination

PIHera Linear Stage (X)
PIHera XY Stage (Planar)
PIHera Z Stage (Vertical)

7. Miniature Hexapod 6-Axis Positioning Systems

H-811 Mini Hexapod in Motion
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A hexapod is based on a 6-axis (XYZ, Pitch, Roll, Yaw) actuator system arranged in parallel between a top and bottom platform, and offer many advantages over serial kinematics stages, such as lower inertia, improved dynamics, smaller package size and higher stiffness. In addition hexaods are more flexible than conventional 6 axis positioners.

PI's miniature hexapods are available with different configurations: standard, high-speed, vacuum, and high resolution. Another alternative parallel positioners, the successful SpaceFAB 6DOF Motion Platform design allows for longer linear travel ranges with a lower profile.

H-811 Miniature Hexapod 6-Axis Positioner with Many Options: Dynamic, Vacuum, High Resolution

H-811 Miniature Hexapod

  • Load Capacity to 5kg
  • Rotation to 42 Degrees
  • Travel Ranges 34 x 32 x 13mm
  • Complete with Custom Hexapod Controller and Software
  • Actuator Resolution to 5 nanometers (High Resolution Version)
  • Repeatability up to ±0.2 microns
  • Velocity to 25mm/second

Micro Rotation Stages with PILine® Motor
Watch How PI Makes Hexapod Operation Easy:
Mechanics, Controller, Software

Specifications, Drawings, RFQ

H-810 Miniature Hexapod

M-810 Miniature Hexapod
  • Most-Compact Standard Hexapod in the PI Portfolio
  • Travel Ranges 40 x 40 x 13 mm, Rotation to 60 Degrees
  • Load Capacity to 5 kg
  • Resolution of a Single Strut 40 Nm
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 200 Nm
  • Repeatability up to ±0.5 µm
  • Velocity to 10 mm/sec

Specifications & Drawings, Request Quote | PDF Datasheet

Q-821 Miniature SpaceFAB Positioner

Q-821 Miniature SpaceFAB Robot SpaceFAB positioners are low profile 6 axis stages that are also available in vacuum and UHV versions. Compared to hexapods, the SpaceFAB design achieves larger X-Y travel ranges.

  • Six-axis Microrobotics System
  • Table Size 80mm × 73mm × 48mm
  • Linear Travel Range 12mm x 12mm x 6mm
  • Rotary Travel Range 14° x 15° x 40°
  • Resolution 1nm

Long travel, high load positioning stages and other motion control products

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