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Sub-Nanometer Resolution Sensors: Nano-Measuring / Nano-Metrology

Positioners with Sub-Nanometer Resolution

Capacitance Sensors Measure better than 1 Nanometer Resolution

PI has been a world market leader in nanopositioning technology for decades. In order to provide nanopositioning systems of the highest accuracy class with better than one namometer resolution, PI started to develop its own capacitive position sensing devices 20 years ago. Since then, thousands of dual probe sensors and controllers have been manufactured for use in PI's closed-loop piezo positioning stages and in a variety of custom nanomeasuring applications.

PI capacitive (capacitance) position sensors are absolute-measuring, high-dynamics nano-metrology devices providing the highest linearity and accuracy. PI capacitance sensors / signal conditioner electronics make use of a high-frequency AC excitation signal for enhanced bandwidth and drift-free measurement stability (subnanometer stability over several hours). Advantages: Single & dual-plate probes for greater flexibility, bandwidth to 10 kHz, sub-nanometer resolution, custom multi-sensor electronics (analog & digital) available, closed loop motion controllers available.

In addition to dual plate sensors, single probe sensors and stand-alone electronics for easy setup & integration into measuring and motion control systems are also available.

Capacitive Sensor Tutorial

D-015, D-050, D-100 Sub-Nanometer-Resolution Dual-Plate Capacitive Position Sensors

Ultra-High-Resolution Sensors
  • Measuring Range to 1000 Micron
  • <0.01 Nanometer Resolution
  • Linearity to 0.003 %
  • Bandwidth to 10 kHz
  • Integrated Linearization System (ILS)
  • Custom Designs
Specs / Drawings, Order Info | PDF Datasheet

D-510 Single-Probe Capacitive Gauge provides <1 Nanometer Resolution

  • <1 Nanometer Resolution, Measuring Ranges to 500 µm
  • Absolute, Non-Contact Measurement of Distance / Motion / Vibration
  • Multi-Axis Measurements Possible
  • Excellent Measuring Linearity to 0.1 %
  • Plug & Play: Easy Setup and Integration
  • Very Temperature Stable
  • Bandwidth to 10 kHz
  • Guard-Ring Electrode Design for Better Sensor Linearity
  • ILS Linearization System in the Signal Conditioner Electronics Improves Output Signal Linearity
  • All Systems Factory Calibrated for Highest Possible Linearity / Accuracy
PISeca capacitive displacement sensors perform non-contact measurements of geometric quantities representing separation, position, length or other linear dimension against electrically conductive references such as metallic planes. These single-probe sensors combine superior resolution and linearity with very high bandwidth for dynamic measurements.
Standard come with measuring ranges from 20 to 1000 µm. Capacitive position gauges such as PISeca are fundamentally very temperature stable and easy to work with.
Specs / Drawings, Order Info | PDF Datasheet

E-852 PISeca™ Signal Conditioner For Capacitive Single-Plate Sensors

Signal Conditioner
  • Cost-Effective System Solution for PISeca™ Capacitive Position Sensors
  • Integrated Linearization System (ILS) for Maximum Linearity
  • Selectable Bandwidth from 10 Hz up to 10 kHz
  • Selectable Measurement Range
  • LED-Bar Measuring-Range Display for Easy Integration
  • External Synchronization for Multi-Channel Applications
Specs / Drawings, Order Info | PDF Datasheet

E-509 PISeca™ Signal Conditioner / Piezo Servo Module

Signal Conditioner
  • E-509.E03: 3-Channel Signal Conditioner Module
  • E-509.E3: 3-Channel Sensor Module with Additional Servo Controllers for Piezo Positioning Systems
  • Integrated Linearization System (ILS) for Maximum Linearity
  • Optional: Measurement Range
  • Variable Bandwidth
  • Plug-In Modules for E-500 / E-501 Chassis
Specs / Drawings, Order Info | PDF Datasheet

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