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Piezoelectric Solutions Catalog

Precision Motion ad Positioning Solutions for High Vacuum and UHV Industry and OEMs benefit from PI’s many years of design and manufacturing experience of piezoelectric transducers, components, and value added assemblies including rapid prototyping, precision machining techniques, small quantity batch and automated large batch production.

Piezoelectric Solutions Catalog

Piezo Transducers Blog

Value Added Piezo Assemblies

Piezo Actuators

Precision Motion and Positioning Solutions for High Vacuum
and UHV Catalog

Precision Motion ad Positioning Solutions for High Vacuum and UHV Research and industrial applications in vacuum and ultra-high vacuum environments are growing in importance due to the increasing number of applications that can only be applied in vacuum or cryogenic environments.

Precision Motion ad Positioning Solutions for High Vacuum and UHV Catalog

Product Information

Magnetic Direct Drives and Air Bearing Technology Catalog

Magnetic Direct Drives and Air Bearing Technology Catalog Based on technology developed and manufactured in-house by PI, PIMag® Magnetic Direct Drives deliver optimum performance via nanometer precision positioning and force regulation in actuators, linear stages, multi-axis gantry systems, and customized systems.

Download the Magnetic Direct Drives and Air Bearing Technology Catalog

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Photonic & Fiber Alignment Engines Catalog

PI Ultrasonic Piezo Motors PI's alignment systems, which includes a 2016 Prism Award Finalist, are the innovative solution for photonic and fiber applications that require nanoscale accuracy, split second responsiveness, real-time tracking, and ultra-fast optimization.

Download the Photonic & Fiber Alignment Engines Catalog

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Ultrasonic Piezo Motors Catalog

PI Ultrasonic Piezo Motors Easily integrated into other components, PI's ultrasonic motors, stages, and positioners includes compact, high speed, or cost effective customized OEM designs.

Download the Ultrasonic Piezo Motors Catalog

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Miniature Precision Positioning Stages Catalog

PI offers more than 200 models of miniature translation and rotation stages representing varying sizes and motion ranges with different drive concepts, including servo/stepper, piezo ultrasonic/inertia, linear, voice coil, air bearings, crossed rollers, and piezo flexures.

Download the Compact Positioning Stages Catalog

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NEW Products Catalog, LASER 2015

Laser World of Photonics, held in Munich, Germany, is the world’s largest conference and trade show for photonics, lasers, and precision optics. At Laser this year, PI presented a large number of new products, including linear motors, air bearings, nanopositioning stages, and hexapods.

Download the NEW Products Catalog

Product Information

Motion | Positioning Product Overview Catalog

PI offers the broadest and deepest portfolio of precision motion technologies, from micro to nano, for photonics, bio-nanotechnology, medical device & semiconductor applications, including linear stages, air bearing stages, microscope stages, motor controllers, piezo flexure stages, piezo nanopositioning systems, piezo ceramic motors, and hexapod 6-axis stages.

Download the Motion | Positioning Product Overview Catalog

Product Information

PIglide Air Bearing Technology Catalog

PIglide air bearing technology provides linear stage nanometer precision, multi-axis motion, in standard and custom designs, ideally suited for many high precision applications, such as metrology, photonics alignment, semiconductor, flat panel display, and precision scanning applications. The non-contact design also makes these stages ideal for cleanroom applications. Stages are available in single axis and XY configurations with planar designs for the highest multi-axis straightness / flatness. Closed loop operation with linear encoders or laser interferometers allows for nanometer resolution with very high linearity and repeatability.

Download the Air Bearing Technology Catalog

Product Information

PiezoMike Miniature Actuators Catalog

The PiezoMike family of miniature actuators simply automate adjustment applications based on a screw and ratchet mechanism, where a small piezo ceramic block performs the individual "clicks" based on the input to a controller. More than a billion steps lifetime, self-locking, requiring no holding current, and generating no heat at rest, PiezoMike actuators can be easily modified or completely customized to meet specific application requirements.

Download the Miniature Actuators Catalog

Product Information & Video

2015 Beamline Instrumentation Catalog

The PI Beamline Instrumentation Group offers sophisticated precision motion and positioning equipment for high-end scientific research in synchrotron and accelerator research facilities. Select from a wide range of high-performance single- and multi-axis positioning products, clasical or non-magnetic, UHV or EUV compatible, or request your own dedicated system.

Download the Beamline Instrumentation Catalog

2014 Complete Precision Positioning Catalog PI & PI miCos

  • Piezo Nanopositioning Stages
  • Piezo Tip/Tilt Stages
  • Piezo Motors
  • Piezo Actuators
  • Motorized Linear & Rotation Stages
  • Air Bearing Stages
  • Ultra-Precision Rotation Stages
  • Parallel Kinematics
  • Hexapod and SpaceFAB 6-Axis Positioners
  • Hybrid Positioners

Tutorial: Basics of Motorized Positioning

  • Motors and Drives
  • Stepper Motors
  • Servo Motors
  • Piezo Motors
  • Drive Train Elements
  • Guidings and Bearings
  • Vacuum Preparation
  • Parallel vs Serial Kinematics
  • MagLev and Hybrid Positioners
  • Glossary

2013/14 Vacuum Precision Positioning Stages Catalog PI miCos / PI

  • Linear Vacuum Positioners
  • Rotary Vacuum Stages
  • Vacuum Goniometers
  • Vacuum Hexapods and SpaceFAB (6 Axis)
  • Vacuum Piezo Positioners

2012 PI miCos Precision Positioning Product Brochures

    Vacuum Precision Positioning Systems Brochure
    Motorized Ultra High Accuracy Rotation Stage Brochure
    Motorized Linear Translation Stages Brochure
    Precision Elevation Stage (Z-Positioner) Brochure
    Motorized Linear Actuator / Pusher Brochure
    Motion Controllers for Stepper & Servo Motors Brochure

2012 Catalogs PI (560 pages)   /    PI miCos (300 pages)

Nanopositioning /
Micropositioning /
PI miCos Motion Control /
Vacuum /
Engineered Systems

PI's Latest Brochures

Products for Microscopy Electron Microscopy Products
Ultrasonic Motor Positioners
Hexapods & Precision Parallel Positioners
Piezoelectric Actuators Piezoelectric Ceramic Products
Developing and manufacturing piezoceramic components are very complex processes. PI Ceramic has many years of experience in this field, has developed sophisticated manufacturing methods and holds many patents on piezo technology.
PiezoMove Flexure Actuators Non-Magnetic and Vacuum Compatible Drive Technologies
Medical Design Applications Based on PI Technology Precision Microscope Stages
Medical Applications for Micropositioning and Piezo Motor Technology Piezo positioning & scanning stages are fundamental tools for all fields of high-resolution microscopy. The rapid response and sub-atomic resolution allow scientists to create higher-quality images faster.
Digital Nanopositioning Controllers Piezo Drivers, Amplifiers and Controllers
Digital technology opens up new opportunities for improving performance in control engineering...
Micropositioning Overview High Speed Piezo Steering Mirros, 6-Axis Optical Alignment Platforms
High resolution, high speed specimen positioning devices (e.g. for microscope slides, well plates, etc.) and microscope lenses. Also, compact tip/tilt mirror scanners and ultra-low-profile planar scanners For Astronomy, Active Optics, Fast beam steering, alignment, switching, Image resolution enhancement and more
Piezoelectric Micro-Dispensers Linear Actuators for Precision Motion Control
Piezo Technology for Medical Engineering and Industry Solutions featuring Novel Piezoelectric Motors and Classical Motors
DuraAct™ Piezo Composite Patch Transducers Miniature Linear Stages
Piezoelectric components like the DuraAct™ patch transducer transform electrical to mechanical energy and vice versa. Possible applications are in high-precision bender actuators, high-dynamics sensors or as power sources. Controlling motion with servo motors, piezo motors, and stepper motors.
Pixel Scanners, Motors, Actuators for Pixel Sub-Stepping Piezo Motors for Automatic Locks and Security Cameras
Controlling motion with servo motors, piezo motors, and stepper motors. Piezo Motors for Automatic Locks and Security Cameras
Hexapods 6-Axis Stages PICMA® Multilayer Piezo Actuators
PI electro-mechanical Piezo Hexapods are the most advanced multiaxis precision positioning systems in the world, providing significantly higher precision than hydraulically driven systems. Reliability, Durability, Efficiency
Ultrasonic Motors for Automation Capacitive Position Sensors
PILine® linear piezomotors are based on a novel, patented ultrasonic drive developed by PI.
PiezoWalk® Precision Linear Motors Software Brochure
PiezoWalk® drives offer a basically unlimited travel range and still provide the characteristic features of a piezoelectric actuator: an open-loop resolution down to 30 picometers and a very high stiffness for dynamic operation and force generation. Operating Ultra-Precision Positioning Systems with Ease
PI Products Overview Inspirations Hardbound Catalog
PI's 16 p. product overview catalog. Download a copy of the complete 530 page PI catalog or
>>Get it by Mail

Individual Catalog Sections

Piezo Actuators & Components Piezo-Driven Nanopositioning and Scanning Systems
A Piezoelectric translator (linear actuator) is a solid-state ceramic actuator which converts electrical energy directly into linear motion (mechanical energy) with virtually unlimited resolution. Highly responsive, frictionless systems, 1 to 6 axes, sub-nanometer precision, parallel metrology, parallel kinematics ...
Active Optics / Steering Mirrors Piezo-Tutorial
High-Dynamics Steering Mirrors, optical deflection to 100 mrad. Ultra-Fast response (msec to µsec), resolution to nanoradian realm. For static and dynamic operation such as tracking, scanning... Background knowledge on nanopositioning technology and designing with piezo actuators.
Capacitive Position Sensors Nanopositioning Controllers, Piezo Drivers & Amplifiers
Capacitive position sensors (capacitance sensors) provide position resolutions to 0.01 nanometer. Ideal for nanometrology applications ... Electronics play a key role for maximum performance of piezoelectric nanopositioning systems ...
Hexapods 6-Axis Stages Micropositioning Alignment Solutions
PI electro-mechanical Piezo Hexapods are the most advanced multiaxis precision positioning systems in the world, providing significantly higher precision than hydraulically driven systems. Miniature translation stages, linear actuators, rotary stages, elevation stages tilt stages, voice coil drives. For industry and research
Motion Controllers for Micropositioning Ceramic Linear Motors & Stages
Solutions from compact, single-axis controllers for DC servomotors, ultrasonic linear motors, to sophisticated control systems for 6D parallel kinematic machines. OEM systems for up to 273 axes... PI provides two types of piezo linear motors: PILine® ultrasonic motors and NEXLINE® PiezoWalk® motors. Both can, in principle, attain unlimited travel, yet they are very different in their design, specs and performance.
Photonics Alignment Solutions About PI: Innovation as a Tradition
Solutions for photonics and telecommunications, from automatic 6D alignment engines to hybrid aligners, photometers, PIMotion&Vision™, accessories ... Applications and Markets, Production & ISO 9001 Quality Control, Systems & Vertical Integration,...more
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