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Fast Piezo Focusing Systems for Microscopy now Digital and more Affordable
PI introduces a new, more affordable series of Fast Piezo Focusing devices at the SPIE BIOS (Biomedical Optics) meeting in San Francisco, CA. The new PIFOC® system packages are designed to improve results in fast focussing & lens positioning as well in deconvolution / 3D imaging, and reduce costs at the same time. ...more information
P-725.xDD PIFOC® High-Dynamics Piezo Microscope Objective Z-Scanner
The P-725.xDD microscope objective positioners were designed for extremely fast motion over relatively short travel ranges up to 400 µm. Their ultra-stiff piezo drive enables higher scanning rates and faster settling ...PDF Datasheet
P-915KHDS & P-915KXYS Cost Efficient, Fast, XY Piezo Scanners for Imaging Applications
The P-915KHDS XY Scanning Stage: This stage is driven by 4 PICMA® piezo actuators to provide high stiffness, high dynamics and superior lifetime ...more information
PI Adds New Products to Its Vacuum-Compatible Line
The 2009 PI catalog presents a number of new standard and custom vacuum compatible products, ranging from servo motor actuators to complex 6-Axis Hexapod systems for use in a vast variety of applications. ...more information
P-545, M-545: PI nano™ Nanopositioning Systems for Super-Resolution Microscopy
The new PInano® series nanopositioning stages feature a very low profile of 20 mm (0.8"), a large aperture and deliver highly accurate motion with sub-nanometer resolution in 2 and 3 axes. A piezo controller is included. Three versions are available: High speed and standard with piezoresistive and capacitive sensors. ...more information
P-629: PIHera® Flexure-Guided Precision Nanopositioning Stages
PI has extended its PIHera® family of compact flexure-guided piezo nanopositioning stages, now offering record travel ranges to 1.8 mm. ...more information
P-736 and P-737: Fast Piezo-Z Stage for Microscope Automation, 3D-Imaging
The P-736 and P-737 specimen Z-stages are new members in a large family of products for microscope automation. Specifically designed for research microscopes utilizing deconvolution and 3D imaging techniques, the P-737 specimen piezo Z-stage features up to 500 µm travel, millisecond responsiveness and nanometer precise motion under closed-loop control. ...more information
E-536 / P-363—New Ultra-High Resolution Positioning and Scanning System for Nanoscopic Imaging
The new ultra-low noise E-536 driver / controller, together with the P-363 PicoCube®, provide significantly higher resolution and positional stability than previous multi-axis scanning systems. The E-536 can be controlled with analog or digital signals and comes with extensive sofware support. In addition, for several D/A boards from National Instruments PI offers a corresponding LabVIEW™ driver set which is compatible with the PI General Command Set (GCS), ...PDF Datasheet
LPS-22 Ultra-Compact Piezo Linear Motor Stage
The new, LPS-22 piezo motor drives are ideal for OEM applications where space is limited and masses are small. The drive design was optimized for moving small objects such as fibers, optomechanical components, micromechanics or MEMS precisely. Self-clamping at rest, closed-loop option ...more information
M-511.HD Hybrid Piezo/DC-Motor Nanopositioning Translation Stage a World First
The M-511.HD is based on the proven design of the M-5x1 precision micropositioning stage series, with an integrated, flexure-guided, piezo actuator added. The M-511.HD allows velocities to 125 mm/s with an encoder resolution of 2 nm and load capacity of 50 kg for horizontal operation. ... PDF Datasheet
M-714 Hybrid Piezo/DC-Motor Nanopositioning Z-Stage Features 2 Nanometer Linear Encoder
The M-714 Z-stage was designed from the ground up to use the hybrid drive technology. A high gear reduction ratio enables the M-714 to position loads up to 10 kg with nanometer precision, even in the vertical direction. Compared to high-resolution magnetic linear drives, the hybrid principle allows high holding forces with minimum power consumption, without counterbalancing the load... PDF Datasheet
P-601 Lever-Amplified Piezoelectric Nanopositioners Boast Precision Flexure Guides
Lever amplified piezo actuators provide significantly longer travel ranges than standard, direct drive actuators. What sets PiezoMove® actuators apart are the internal frictionless flexure-guides, making additional bearings or guiding mechanisms obsolete when integrating the actuators into a positioning system. Three versions providing up to 480 µm travel are available. ...more information
P-629 XY: 1500 µm Travel XY-Version Added to PIHera® Family of Piezo Nanopositioning Stages
P-620.2CD – P-629.2CD PIHera® systems are XY piezo-nanopositioning stages featuring travel ranges from 60 to 1500 µm closed-loop. Despite the increased travel ranges, the units are extremely compact and provide sub-nanometer resolution. The long travel range is achieved by a combination of a novel, friction-free and extremely stiff flexure system and the award-winning, ceramic-encapsulated PICMA® multilayer piezo actuators. ...more information
P-733.Z Z-Nanopositioning Stage Provides High Dynamics
The P-733 is a fast, high-resolution vertical positioning stage with direct metrology. Providing subnanometer resolution, less than 2 milliseconds settling time and a straightness of motion of better than 10 µrad, the stage is ideally suited for scanning microscopy applications. In combination with the P-733, 100x100 µm XY stage it becomes a compact XYZ positioning and scanning stage with excellent dynamic performance in the vertical direction....more information
P-772 Miniature PiezoStage Provides 50 Picometer Resolution
P-772.0L open-loop NanoAutomation® stages are very compact flexure-guided nanopositioners. They provide a positioning and scanning range of up to 10 µm, sub-nanometer resolution and ultra-fast response. P-772 stages are designed for applications with small loads....more information on the miniature piezo-stage
P-612: Compact Piezo-Z Stage with Aperture for Nano-Focusing Applications
These elevation stages are cost-effective, compact, piezo-based positioning systems with travel ranges of 100 µm. The space-saving design features a footprint of only 60 x 60 mm. The 20 x 20 mm clear aperture makes them ideally suited for sample positioning in microscopy. Thanks to PICMA® piezo actuator drives and frictionless flexure guidance, they provide response times of a few milliseconds and resolutions in the nanometer range...more information
P-587 6-Axis Nanopositioning Piezo-Stage Selected a Greatest Hit of 2005 by MICRO Magazine
The editors of semiconductor technology magazine MICRO have selected the P-587, 6D-Nanopositioning System one of the "Greatest Hits of 2005". The P-587 is a unique six-axis nanopositioning and nanoscanning system, designed for use in nanomanufacturing, nanometrology, scanning microscopy, optics, mask alignment, and other high-end applications. ...more information on the 6-axis piezo-stage
P-713 / P-714 Low Cost, Compact XY Piezo-Stage Scanners for Imaging Applications
P-713 / P-714 family piezo stage scanners and positioners with travel ranges of 15 x 15 µm feature especially compact designs. Ideal applications for the P-713 and P-714 are high-dynamics scanning or tracking tasks. Such tasks involve moving to specific positions in a small area (e.g. marked cells or CCD photosites) and from there following or performing motion with an amplitude of a few microns....more information
P-629 Piezo-Translation Stages Feature Record Travel Range
These monolithic positioning and scanning systems set a new record in terms of travel range for closed-loop, flexure-guided, piezo stages. Despite the increased travel range of up to 1800 microns, the stages are compact, while providing fast settling. The long travel range is achieved by a combination of a novel, friction-free and extremely stiff flexure system and the award-winning, ceramic-encapsulated PICMA® multilayer piezo actuators. P-628 stages are ideal positioning systems for applications such as nanometrology, (white light) interferometry, microscopy, spectroscopy, and precision alignment of optics. ...more information
P-541 Low-Profile Piezo Z-stage with Tip/Tilt Option (Tripod) for Scanning Microscopy
P-541 series piezo Z-stages and Z-tip/tilt stages are designed for alignment, nano-focusing or metrology tasks, etc. They feature a very low profile of 16.5 mm, a large 80 x 80 mm aperture, and offer highly accurate motion with sub-nanometer resolution. XY scanning stages with the same footprint are also available. ...more information on the low profile piezostage
Ultra-low Profile Nanopositioning XY Piezo Scanning Stages
P-541/P-542 nanopositioning and scanning stages are designed for easy integration into high-resolution microscopes. They feature a very low profile of 16.5 mm, a large 80 x 80 mm aperture, and offer highly accurate motion with sub-nanometer resolution . ...more information
NEXLINE® Piezo Hexapod - Non Magnetic 6-Axis Precision Positioning System & Piezo Tripod Stage
PI has developed a custom, non-magnetic piezoelectric hexapod based on the N-215 NEXLINE® ultra-precision piezo motor drives. This Hexapod 6-axis positioning stage can be used in applications with very strong magnetic fields. ...more information
S-303 High-speed Piezoelectric Phase Shifters Now Available Closed-Loop and Open-Loop
S-303 series of high-speed piezoelectric phase shifters are compact and extremely responsive Z-stage systems based on a tripod piezo drive. They offer angstrom level resolution with Z-movement up to 2 µm with sub-msec response and settling dynamics. The shifters are designed for mirrors and optics up to 1 inch (25 mm) diameter and can be mounted in any orientation. Open- and closed-loop versions are available ...more information

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