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Precision Motion Control Technologies
for Industry, OEM & Research. US Based Custom Design


PI (Physik Instrumente) provides the broadest and deepest portfolio of precision motion technologies in the world.
PI USA complies with the US laws for export controlled technologies.

The PI US head office in Auburn, MA features R&D, engineering, repair, sales, service facilities, application labs, a large warehouse, and nanometrology equipment for test & calibration. PI USA is ITAR registered, and equipped to handle your COTS or custom precision motion control / piezo / nanopositioning system requirements.

The PI family of companies employs more than 800 people world wide with design, metrology and manufacturing facilities on 3 continents. PI is known throughout the high-tech world for its leadership in the design and manufacture of nanometer-precision motion control equipment, piezo ceramics and actuators, Hexapod 6-axis parallel positioners and micro-handling / alignment robotic systems.  

PI miCos, PI's new subsidiary, boasts many years of experience in vacuum positioning equipment, motorized positioning stages and large, turn-key positioning systems for automation and beamline instrumentation. A custom version of a PI miCos translation stage is currently used in a laser focusing mechanism on the Mars Rover science lab.

PI has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994.

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP is the US operation of Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG. The company has provided world class motion solutions for industry, OEM and research for 4 decades. 

Talk to a PI Application Engineer about your custom or standard solution:
508-832-3456 (EAST)
508-832-3456 (MID-WEST)
949-679-9191 (WEST/Los Angeles Area)
408-351-4086 (WEST/San Franscisco Area)

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.
16 Albert Street
Auburn, MA 01501
Email: info@pi-usa.us
Tel: 508-832-3456
Fax: 508-832-0506

PI US West Coast Offices

The PI West Coast Offices provide sales and applications support for California and the Western part of the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Los Angeles Area
5420 Trabuco Road
Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92620-5743
Email info@pi-usa.us
Phone 949-679-9191
Fax 949-679-9292

San Francisco Area
1 Harbor Drive
Suite 108
Sausalito, CA 94965
Email info@pi-usa.us
Phone 408-533-0973
Fax 949-679-9292


PI Headquarters, Karlsruhe Germany. PI employs the world's most experienced nanopositioning design teams.
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PI Product Lines 
Nanopositioning / Motion Control / Piezo Technology
PI's Nanopositioning products have won many international industry awards for innovative design. Examples are the Hexapod 6 Degree-of-Freedom Micropositioning and Alignment System, the ultra-high resolution Piezoelectric Scanning Stages and Active Optics (Beam Steering Systems). The PI line of piezoelectric actuators and nanopositioning stages are among the most sophisticated nanopositioning systems in the world, allowing extremely precise motion in the shortest possible time.

Tools for Microscopy, Medical & Biotechnology
  • Well Plate Scanners
  • PIFOC® Objective Scanners
  • Super-Resolution Microscope Stages
  • Z-Stack Imaging Stages
  • Laser Autofocus
  • Fast Steering Mirrors

Precision Actuators

  • Piezo Actuators
  • Motorized Actuators
  • Linear Motor Actuators

High Vacuum Compatible Positioners

  • Actuators
  • Linear Stages
  • Rotary Stages
  • 6-Axis Positioners

Nanopositioning Products
  • Piezo Nanopositioning Stages
  • Ultrafast PZT NanoAutomation® Systems
  • Fast Beam Steering Systems
  • Scanning Stages for Microscopy
  • Mask-Alignment Stages
  • Ultra-fast Piezo Nanopositioning Actuators & Stages
  • Capacitive Sensors, 0.1 nm Resolution
  • Closed & Open Loop PZT Translators, 
  • Piezo Drivers and Controllers.

Hexapods & Motorized Precision Positioners
  • 6-DoF Hexpods
  • Linear Actuators
  • Motorized Translation Stages
  • Rotation Stages
  • Linear Slides
  • Cost-Effective Motion Controllers
  • Photonic Alignment Engines
  • Fiber-Alignment Systems
  • Hybrid Low-Inertia Micro/Nanopositioning Systems
  • Ultra-Low-Inertia Micromotion Robots for Automated Photonic alignment

Piezo Technology:
  • Standard & Custom Piezo Ceramics & Actuators.
  • Closed and Open-Loop Piezo-Ceramic Actuators
  • Piezo Drivers and Power Amplifiers
  • High Voltage Power Supplies.
  • High-Load PZT Ceramics (8 tons) for Machining Applications
  • Multi-Layer PZT Actuators.
  • PZT Benders for Valve and Switching Applications.
  • Special PZT/Piezo ceramics for fiber-optic tuning & filters
  • PZT Fine-Alignment-Engines


Piezo Materials

World-Class Million-$ NanoMetrology Lab
PI's Nanopositioning products are world-known for their precision. To continuously improve our products and to verify the performance, we have designed a six-fold-isolated room-in-room metrology lab, on a separated foundation in the basement of the factory.

Sub-nanometer resolution measurements not only require highest precision measuring equipment (we use world-class laser interferometers and capacitive sensors), but also an environment with extremely high temperature stability and total absence of vibration. The acoustic sound waves of a conversation alone can excite vibration in the range of several 10 nanometers. Vault-like doors keep noise out of our nanometrology labs.

Six-fold-isolated nanometrology
lab is key to repeatable sub-nanometer-
precision measurements.


PI miCos: Motorized Precision Positiones, Vacuum & Cryo Systems

PI miCos Factory

PI miCos was founded in 1990 and became a member of the PI family in late 2011. After its recent expansion, PI miCos now has 50,000 square ft to focus on novel product and systems development.



Custom Piezo Ceramic Production Capabilities for Highest Performance
Actuator and Sensor Sub-Assemblies.

PI Ceramic, PI's piezo ceramic factory

PI Ceramic, a member of the PI family of companies, currently employs more than 200 people dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality piezo ceramic assemblies.

Production equipment includes tape casting, sputtering, automated metallization, grinding and cutting machines.

PI Ceramic's ceramic-insulated multilayer PZT actuators passed a 100 billion cyle stress test by JPL/NASA and are used on the Mars Rover Curiosity.

Talk to a PI Application Engineer for your custom or standard solution!
508-832-3456 (EAST)
508-832-3456 (MID-WEST)
949-679-9191 (WEST)

US Head Office

PI USA complies with the US laws
for export controlled technologies.

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP
16 Albert St.
Auburn, MA 01501
Phone 508-832-3456
Fax 508-832-0506
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US West Coast Offices
San Francisco Area
1 Harbor Drive, Suite 108
Sausalito, CA 94965
Phone 408-533-0973
Fax 949-679-9292
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Los Angeles Area
5420 Trabuco Road, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92620-5743
Phone 949-679-9191
Fax 949-679-9292
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