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P-281, P-282 XY and XYZ Piezo Block Translator Flexure NanoPositioners and Scanners

P-281.xx and P-282.xx two-axis and three-axis Piezoblock flexure stages are based on combinations of P-280.xx stages (see Fig. 2.22/1). P-281.xx and P-282.xx multi-axis stages are available in three different sizes with travel ranges of 30, 50 and 100 Ám.

P-282 XYZ stages are easily assembled by bolting the bottom stage (X) down first and then mounting the second stage (Z) and the third stage (Y). P-281 stages can be mounted as XZ (Fig. 2.23/1) and XY combinations.

P-705.00 positive polarity, click here for Piezo Actuators" section.

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