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E-470, E-471, E-472 High Power Modular HVPZT Piezo Amplifiers/Controllers

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  • 500 W Peak Power
  • Output Voltage -3 to -1100 V & Bipolar
  • 1 and 2 Channel Versions
  • Optional Position Servo Control Modules
  • Optional RS-232 & IEEE 488 Interface Module & Display

E-471:00 Configuration example: E-471.00 HVPZT Piezo Amplifier,
with optinal E-509.S1 Piezo Servo Controller (strain gages) and E-515.i1
16 bit DAC Interface/Display.

E-470 Series High Power Amplifiers/ Controllers are specifically designed to drive high capacitance Piezo actuators. They are based on the E-420 amplifier module which can output and sink a peak current of 500 mA and an average current of 100 mA in a voltage range of -3 to -1100 V (positive or bipolar range jumper selectable). Four versions are available:

1) E-470.00 bench-top amplifier for open loop Piezo actuators

2) E-471.00 19" rack mount amplifier offering optional servo control, interface and display

3) E-472.00 19" rack mount two channel amplifier

4) E-420.00 OEM amplifier module with integrated AC power supply

All versions can be operated in two ways.

For frequency response with selected HVPZTs

The E-471.00 version allows installation of the following upgrade options for enhanced versatility:

Sensor & Servo Controller Modules for Closed Loop Piezo Operation (click here)

E-509.C1 Piezo Sensor/ Controller Module, Capacitive Sensor

E-509.L1 Piezo Sensor/Controller Module, LVDT Sensor

E-509.S1 Piezo Sensor/Controller Module, Strain Gage Sensor

Computer Interface and Display Module (click here)

E-515.i1 16 bit DAC Interface/Display Module, IEEE 488/RS-232

Voltage & Position Display Module (click here)

E-515.01 Display Module for Piezo Voltage and Displacement

E-472.00 HVPZT Piezo Amperlifier

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