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As a worldwide leader in nanopositioning and precision motion control solutions, PI continues to innovate, adding advanced and affordable nanopositioning controllers to the mix of piezo systems on the quick delivery list. These systems are geared toward OEM production automation, metrology systems, scientific research, and lab automation applications.

Piezo Systems for Photonics, Microscopy, Semiconductor, Automation Markets

Overview of Different Piezo Motion Designs

Piezo motion is used when an application requires any combination of these parameters: fast response, high precision, high force, long life, maintenance and lubricants free, compact dimensions, and non-magnetic, UHV compatible. Each core piezo driven component is matched with the appropriate PI piezo controller. Systems currently available are shown below.

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P-725 PIFOC® 400µm Travel, High-Speed Piezo-Z Optical-Axis Objective Positioner / Fast Focus
High-speed piezo-Z optical-axis positioners with fast focus and sub-nanometer resolution for microscope objectives
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P-611 Compact XYZ Piezoelectric Nanopositioning Stages
Ultra-compact XYZ piezo system for nanopositioning and fiber alignment with rapid response and resolution down to 0.2 nm
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S-330 Fast Steering Mirror / High Speed Piezo Tip/Tilt (Pitch/Roll) Platforms
High-dynamics, large-angle piezo tip/tilt platforms for fast steering mirrors
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P-620 PIHera Piezo Flexure Miniature Positioning Stages: 0.05 to 1.8mm Travel
Ultra-compact XYZ piezo system for nanopositioning and fiber alignment with rapid response and resolution down to 0.2 nm
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P-603 PiezoMove™ Motion-Amplfied, Flexure-Guided Piezo Actuator, to 500µm, Closed-Loop Option
Motion-amplified, frictionless, high-precision flexure guiding actuator
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E-610 LVPZT (100 V) Piezo Linear Amplifier & Position Servo-Controller Modules, OEM Version
Position control with strain gauge or capacitive sensor, closed- and open-loop versions
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E-709 Low-Cost Digital Servo Piezo Motion Controller, 1 Channel
Flexibility of digital signal processing and control for the cost of analog, digital motion control algorithms with 10 kHz sampling rate
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E-727 Cost-Effective Digital Piezo Motion Controller for 3/4 Axis Closed-Loop Positioning Systems
Low-noise, 20-bit DAC & ADC converters and integrated power amplifiers for multilayer piezo drives with operating voltage of -30 to +130V, closed-loop operation of piezo mechanisms with strain gauge and capacitive feedback sensors
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Motorized High Precision & Miniature Positioners

With different sizes and motion ranges available as well as "classical" compact motor drives with lead screws and balls screws and an advanced motor with highly precise ball screws, PI linear and rotary stages are highly engineered for industrial applications, test and measurement, optical and opto-mechnical alignment and component assembly. Systems currently available are shown below, along with the appropriate servo controller.

L-511 High Precision Linear Translation Stage
High travel accuracy motorized stepper or DC gear motor stage
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RS-40 Small Motorized Rotation Stage
Miniature rotation stage provides a 20mm aperture, preloaded anti-backlash worm drive is available with small DC servo/gear and stepper/gear motors
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M-110 Series Lead / Ball Screw Motorized Small Linear Stages, 5-25mm Travel, Servo & Stepper
M-110 / M-111 / M-112 series is PI’s smallest positioning stage family with “classical” motor drives, offered with lead screws (higher resolution and holding force) and ball screws (higher speed, lower friction)
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C-863 Mercury Servo Controller for DC-Motors, Network Feature
High performance precision motion control at low cost, 20 MHz encoder input for high speed & resolution, macro programmable stand-alone functionality
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Bookmark this page as new products will be added. Talk to our engineers, they will guide you to the most appropriate technology to solve your motion problem.

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