precision linear stage overview

Precision Positioners: Piezo, Motorized, Nanopositioning

Product Lines Overview

Piezo Actuators & Motors Piezo Stages
Motorized Positioners
  Piezo Actuators
  Piezo Motors (5 types)
  Ultrasonic Drives
  Flexure Stages
  1-6 Axis Stages
  Serial & Parallel-Kinematics
  Z & Tip/Tilt Piezo Stages

  Mini Actuators & Stages
  Rotary & Linear Stages
  Vertical Stages
  Multiaxis Stages
  Vacuum / UHV Stages

Microscope Positioners Fast Steering Mirrors
Active Optics
Hexapod 6-Axis Systems
  XY, Z, XYZ Stages
  Piezo Scanners
  Objective Positioners
  Long-Travel Stages
  1-3 Axis FSM Platforms
  Phase Shifters
  Tip-Tilt Stages
  Hexapods: 2kg - 2 Tons
  Parallel Kinematics
  Hexapods for Astronomy

Value-Added Piezo Assembly Manufacturing Piezo Drivers, Amplifiers, Nanopositioning Controllers Motor Controllers
  Custom OEM Assemblies
  Advanced PZT Materials/
    Piezoelectric Ceramics
  Piezoceramic Components

  OEM Controllers
  Multi-Axis Piezo Controllers
  Modular Piezo Controllers
  Advanced Digital Controllers
  Servo-Motor Controllers
  Stepper Motor Controllers
  Piezo Motor Controllers

Fiber Alignment / Photonics Nano-Positioning Sensors PI miCos Educational Laser Systems
  Automatic Fiber Alignment
  Free Space Optical Comm
  Coarse/Fine Fiber Alignment
  Capacitance Sensors
  Educational Laser Systems
  Metrology, Fiber Optics, ...
  for Laser Tech Students

PI miCos Precision Motorized Positioner Product Line


Linear Stages XY Stages Z-Stages Rotary Stages Pushers
Vacuum / UHV Stages

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