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PI - The Broadest & Deepest Portfolio of Precision Motion Technologies

Linear, Rotary, Piezo, Servo, Stepper, Voice Coil, Linear Motor, Screw Drives, Serial & Parallel Positioners

Why PI: As a global company with over 800 employees PI covers a large variety of motion technologies. From traditional stepper motors to advanced ceramic hybrid drives, from stacked (linear+rotary) positioners to Hexapod parallel systems. From piezo components to complete turn-key alignment systems.

Talk to our engineers, they will guide you to the most appropriate technology to solve your motion problem.

Precision Air Bearing Stages, Components, Systems


Linear Stages XY Stages Rotary Stages Machining Non-Motorized

Piezo Motors & Actuators Piezo Flexure Stages
Motorized Positioners
Linear & Rotary
Piezo Actuators
Piezo Motors (5 types)
Ultrasonic Drives
Flexure Stages
1-6 Axis Stages
Serial & Parallel-Kinematics
Z & Tip/Tilt Piezo Stages

Mini Actuators & Stages
Rotary & Linear Stages
Vertical Stages
Multiaxis Stages
Vacuum / UHV Stages

Microscope Positioners
Long & Short Travel
Fast Steering Mirrors
Active Optics
Hexapod / Parallel
Positioners - 6 Axis
XY, Z, XYZ Stages
Piezo Scanners
Fast Focus Motors
Long-Travel Stages
Ojbective Nanopositioners
1-3 Axis FSM Platforms
Phase Shifters
Tip-Tilt Stages
Ask for Voice-Coil FSM
Hexapods: 2kg - 2 Tons
Ideal Motion Simulators
Controller & Software
Hexapods for Astronomy

Value-Added Piezo Assembly Manufacturing Piezo Drivers, Amplifiers, Nanopositioning Controllers Motor Controllers
Servo & Stepper
Custom OEM Assemblies
Advanced PZT Materials/
    Piezoelectric Ceramics
Piezoceramic Components

OEM Controllers
Multi-Axis Piezo Controllers
Modular Piezo Controllers
Advanced Digital Controllers
Servo-Motor Controllers
Stepper Motor Controllers
Piezo Motor Controllers

Fiber Alignment / Photonics Nano-Positioning Sensors Vacuum Positioners / Systems
Automated Fiber Alignment
Free Space Optical Comm
Coarse/Fine Align Engines
Silicon Photonics Alignment

Capacitance Sensors
Complete Systems

PI miCos Precision Motorized Positioner Product Line


Linear Stages XY Stages Z-Stages Rotary Stages Actuators
Vacuum / UHV Stages

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