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>>New Products / Press Releases   

Issue 1, 2014
  Scan Systems for
  New PI Ceramic
    Web Site
  PiezoMike Linear Actuator
  PIOne Nano Sensor
    Sub-nm Resolutoin
    Positioning Stages
  Die-Sinking EDM
    with Piezo Technology
  Fast Hexapod
    for Image Stabilization
Issue 49, 2013 Issue 48, 2013
  Hexapod Automation
    Field Bus / G-Code
  Magnetic Direct Drives
    PIMag Voice Coil
  PiezoMotors for Automation
  Patch Transducers
    Multilayer Ceramics
  Stack Multilayer
    Ring Actuators
  New Piezo Motors
    Small, Fast, Powerful
  PI: 40 Years @ LASER
    World of PHOTONICS
  Maglev 6D
  Hybrid Actuator for
    E-ELT Telescope
  New Hexapod Controller
  Scalable High-Load
  Hexapod, Machining
    & PLC controllers
  4-Axis Motion
    Bubble Detection
Issue 47, 2012 Issue 46, 2012
  Miniature Piezo Motor
  PIShift: Compact
    Inertia Drive
  New Hexapod Controller
    Piezo Benders
  Hermetically Sealed
    Piezo Actuators
  Piezo for
  Precision Gimbal Mount
    for Astronomical
  Microscope Stage
    with Direct Drive
  Vacuum Assembly Line
    Precision Automation
  Linear Piezo Stages
    Long-Travel, Piezo Motor
  OEM Piezo Driver
    Up to 40 Channels
  Digital Piezo Controller
    3 Axis, High Precision
Issue 45, 2012 Issue 44, 2011
  Piezo Nosepiece Scanner for
    Surface Inspection
  3D Laser Lithography
    in Biotechnology and
    Medical Engineering
  Piezo Drives for
  PI Software
    Seamless Integration
  Microscope Stages
    Z and XYZ Piezo Scanners
  PINano Molecule
    Tracking Stage
  Nanoindentation: Measuring
    the Subnanometer Range
 Motion Controller for
    Multi-Axis Piezo Systems
  Lead-Free Piezo Material
    Enters Series Production
  PI Ceramic on Continuous
  Picoactuator® with High
  Phase Shifter with
    Picoactuator® Technology
  Piezo Motor Helps to Monitor
    Railway Track Movement
  Mini-Hexapod from PI
  Ultra-Low-Profile Precision
    Rotation Stage
Issue 43, 2010 Issue 42, 2010
  Nanoliter Dosing for
    Biotechnology, Diagnostics
    & Industry
  Compact, Digital Motion
    Controller for Piezo
    Nanopositioning Sytems
  Linear Drive for
    Automation Technology
  System Compatibility with
    Brushless Motors
  More Freedom for PICMA®
  Version Check and
    Downloads Made Easy
  Heading for Growth
  PI Ceramic: New Website
    with More Information
  Piezos in Optical Tweezers:
    Force Measurement
    in Nanoscopic Dimensions
  Something New in
    Microscopy: 1 mm Objective
    Stage with Piezo Stepping
    Drives: Fast Steps with
    Nanometer Precision over
    Record Travel Range
  Microscopy Profits from PI's
    PiezoTechnology: PInano™
    Scanning Stages for the
    Highly Accurate Positioning
    of Samples
  More Microscopy News...
Issue 41, 2010 Issue 40, 2009
  Vibration Isolation for
    Industry, Laboratory and
  Digital Motion Controller for
    Low-Cost Piezo systems
  Piezocube for 3D Structuring
  Piezoelectric Actuators for
    Various Levels of Integration
  Fit for Use in High Vacuum
  Low-Cost Drive Electronics
    for Piezo Linear Drives
  High-Load Linear Actuators
    for Nanopositioning
  New Piezo Stepping
    Actuators in the Top Three
  Technical Progress with
    Ultrasonic Piezomotors
  S-340 Tip/Tilt Mirror
    Platform with New Sensors
  PILine® Technology:
    Rotation Stage with 720 °/s
    is only 15 mm High
  Advanced Piezo Control for
    Faster Settling
  PI nano™ Precision
    Systems for Microscopy
  Medical Engineering News:
    Driven by Piezo
  Miniature Positioner with
    NEXACT® Stepping Drive
Issue 39, 2009 Issue 38, 2008
  Piezo Nanopositioning
    Replacement Systems in
    Fluorescence Microscopy
  Miniaturized Piezo Motors
    for Safety Replacement
  RodDrive Mini Motor
  PI, a MathWorks Product
  DuraAct™ Patch
    Transducers: Smaller &
  PI, a Carl Zeiss Supply
    Chain Partner
  Lower Profile Linear
    Motor Stages
  3D Structuring in
  PiezoWalk® Linear
   Replacement Actuators
  Low-Profile, High Load
   Hexapod M-850KPAH
  Tools for Pixel
  Dispenser for Bio-Handling
  Networkable PILine®
   Controller C-867
  E-616 Tip/Tilt Mirror OEM
  OEM XY 50 mm Scanning
Issue 37, 2008 Issue 36, 2007
NEXACT® PiezoWalk Drives
  Ultrasonic Piezo Linear
  NEXACT® Controller
  P-726- High Power
  Mercury™ DC Motor
  High-Load Hexapod
  E-712- New Multi-Axis Piezo
  Increased Presence in Local
  P-653- Tiny Ultrasonic
    Linear Motor Drive
  Digital Nanoworlds / E 753
  6-DoF in a Small Package
  P-737 Piezo-Z Microscopy
    Specimen Scanning Stage
  Low-Profile XY θZ Stage for
    LCD and Semiconductor
  Tip/Tilt Mirror Platforms
  New 3-Channel Electronics
  Low Profile Piezo Linear
  Miniature Servo Motor Linear
  PI – IMS Certified
Issue 35, 2007 Issue 34, 2006
NEXACT® PiezoWalk Drives
  PISeca™ Capacitive Gauge
  E-755 NEXLINE® Controller
  Mercury™ Step Controller
  Large Aperture XY Stage
  Nanopositioning Stage
    Family P-733
  OEM Piezo Systems
  M-840 Hexapod
  New HVPZT with PICA™
  DuraAct Patch Transducer
  LabVIEW® Drivers
  PI Goes Hybrid
  Fast OEM Linear Actuators
  Piezo Stages & Z-Actuators
  Piezo Servo-Controller
  Miniature Translation Stages
  PISeca™ Position Sensors
  Astronomy Contract
  Ultra-High Load Linear
  Industrial Testing
Issue 33, 2006 Issue 32, 2003
  High Performance for Cost
    Sensitive Applications
  New Modular Controller for
    Capacitance Sensors
  M-824: Smaller Vacuum
    Compatible Hexapod
  M-850 and Dental Research
  PICMA® Piezo Actuator
    Family Extended
  Low-Profile Scanning and
    Microscopy Stages
  Smallest Linear Piezo Motor
  HERA™ Piezo
  PIFOC® Piezo Nano-Focus
  M-840 Hexapod
  Dynamic Digital Linearization
  Parallel Kinematics/Parallel
  P-363 PicoCube™
  PICMA™ Piezo Technology
  SALT Telescope
Issue 31, 2002 Issue 30, 2002
  PICMA Low-Voltage Piezo
  New PI Website
  PIHera Nanopostitioning
  Dynamic Linearization for
    Scanning Systems
  M-840 Hexalight
  Piezoelectric Actuators in
    Mechnical Engineering
  Multi-Axis NanoAutomation
  PI Custom Waterproof
    Hexapods and ALMA
  PI and the Deutsches
  The Photonics Process
  The Inexpensive Apollo
  Vacuum Nano Stages
  Mercury™ Networkable
Issue 29, 2002 Issue 27, 2000
  New PI Catalog
  Mercury DC Motor Controller
  Nanocube XYZ
  PiezoMikes & Piezo Linear
    Motor Drives
  New Rotory Stages
  E-710 Digital Controllers
  PI Headquarters has Moved
  New 3D Coordinate
    Measuring Machine
  NanoCube: New XYZ Stage
  High Precision PIIntellistages
  Fast and Accurate Active
  Digital Controller Line
  DC-Mike Linear Actuators
    Range Expanded
  New Piezo Actuator Bender
  PI Ceramic Piezo Tube
Issue 26, 1999 Issue 25, 1999
  New Translation Stages
  Ultra-Fast, Digital Piezo
  LabView Driver for E-710
    Piezo Controller
  New Voice-Coil Scanner
  PI and Polytec at LASER 99
  Piezo Bender Actuators
    Provide 2 mm Travel
  PIFOCs® for Confocal
  LabView Driver for C-842
    Motor Controller
  Hexapod for Satellite-
    Antenna Testing
  DC Motor Controller
  Fast Scanning Stage
  Software for C-844
  Precision Machining with
  Hexapod Surgical Robot
  NanoCapture Software
Issue 24, 1998 Issue 23, 1997
  New Nanopositioning Catalog
  M-400 translation Stages
  High Power PZT Amplifier
  PI Web Catalog
  NanoAutomation Controller
  LISA NanoPositioner
  PI Wins Photonics Award
  M-105 Translation Stage
  Custom PZT Actuators
  M-500 Translation Stages
  Sub-nm Measurements
  Revolutionary 6-Axis
  Hexapod Robot Improved
  Digital Piezo Controller
  Modular PZT Flexure Stages
  PZT Multilayer Benders for
    Fiberoptic Switching 
  OEM PZT Translators
  Windows™ Virtual Control
  PZT Controller with RS-232
  High Power PZT Amplifier
Issue 22, 1997 Issue 21, 1996
  PI and Polytec Invest $6.6 M
    in New Facilities
  Sub-nm Z-Positioner for
    Scanning Microscopy
  Drivers for PZT Actuators
    and Positioning Systems
  New Two-Fluid Nozzle Spray
    Dryer Improves PZT
  Software for the C-842 DC
    Motor Controller Board
  News from PI Ceramics
  New E-500 PZT Electronics
  Microscope Objective
    Positioner with nm
  M-038 Rotary Stages with
    New DC-Motor Drove and
   Reference Hall-Effect Sensor
  Novel Bending Tester for
    Highly Flexible Materials
   Employs PI Precision
  Piezo Ceramics for Adaptive
Issue 20, 1995 Issue 19, 1995
  25 Years of PI
  The PI Polytec Group
  PI--25 Years at a Peek
  New 200 µm PZT Flexure
  New Voice Coil Scanning
  New 25/50 mm Linear Drive
  M-515 Linear Stage with
    Optional Linear Encoders
  PI International
  News from PI Ceramics
  New LabView Driver Extends
    Life of F-603
  Piezoelectric Multilayer
  PI ISO 9001 Certified
  PI Continues Expansion
  Hexapod Wins 1995
    Photonics Circle of
    Excellence Award

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