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E-836: Low Cost Piezo Driver Module
The cost-effective E-836 OEM piezo driver module is designed for driving piezoelectric low voltage actuators and positioners with multilayer piezo actuators . It provides a peak output current of 100 mA in a voltage range of -30 V to +130 ...more
E-709: Low Cost, High Peformance Digital Piezo Controller
PI's novel E-709 controller is the member of a revolutionary family of cost-optimized compact digital controllers priced at a fraction of their forebears. Its advanced functionality and high performance makes it an enabler for many challenging applications in fields as diverse as microscopy, active optics, photonic alignment and nanoprobing... ...more
E-616 Controller for Multi-Axis Piezo Tip/Tilt Mirrors and Platforms
The E-616 is a special controller for piezo based tip/tilt mirrors and tip/tilt platforms. Tripod or Differential One piezo driver for all PI multi-axis piezo tip/tilt mirrors, no matter if they are based on a 3 stack or 4 stack design. ...more
E-618 High-Power Piezo Amplifier
The E-618 high-power amplifier / controller is specifically designed for ultra-high-dynamics operation of piezo actuators (translators). It can output and sink a peak current of 20 A and an average current of 800 mA in a voltage range of -30 to 130 V. Besides the amplifier module, three standard configurations are available: ...more information
E-617: OEM Module: High-Power Piezo Driver
The E-617 piezo driver modules provide significantly higher power than conventinal piezo amplifiers of similar size. The working principle of the E-617 series is ideally suited for high-dynamics scanning and switching applications. ...more information
E-712: Modular Digital Piezo Controller & Driver, 3 & 6 Axis
The new, E-712 multi-axis piezo-controller picks up where the successful E-710 left off. It features a faster processor, a real time operating system and significantly higher servo update and sensor sampling rates... more information
E-753: Next Generation Digital Piezo Controller for Nanopositioning Applications
PI is now introducing the next generation of digital controllers: The new E-753 provides a wider range of functionality and, with 24-bit digital/analog converters, offers even higher resolution than the proven E-750 digital controller it replaces. ...more information
New High-Performance Piezo Actuators and High-Voltage Amplifiers
Four newly developed, preloaded HVPZT actuator series (P-212, P-216, P-225 and P-235) are now equipped with the advanced PIC 255 PICA Power piezoceramic stacks. Five RoHS compliant high-voltage amplifiers ranging from 1 to 2000 watts of power are available to drive the new HVPZT actuators. All models (E-462, E-464, E-508, E-421 / E-470 / E-471 / E-472, E-481) are delivered preset to provide positive output voltages and otherwise improved in many details compared to their predecessors. ...more information
E-835 OEM Piezo Driver for DuraAct™ Patch Transducers
The E-835 is an OEM driver module for flexible patch piezo transducers more information
C-867 Closed-Loop Piezo Motor Controller for Ultrasonic Motors
The C-867 motion controller was specially designed for high-dynamics closed-loop positioning systems with PILine® ultrasonic piezo linear drives. This compact unit contains not only servo-control and communications circuitry, but also the drive electronics. ...more information
Linux, Vista & 64-Bit Platform Support for PI Motion Controllers
PI offers some components for Linux, Vista and 64-bit platforms for the following motor controllers and piezo nanopositioning controllers:...more information
E-536 / P-363—New Ultra-High Resolution Positioning and Scanning System for Nanoscopic Imaging
The new ultra-low noise E-536 driver / controller, together with the P-363 PicoCube®, provide significantly higher resolution and positional stability than previous multi-axis scanning systems. The E-536 can be controlled with analog or digital signals and comes with extensive sofware support. In addition, for several D/A boards from National Instruments PI offers a corresponding LabVIEW™ driver set which is compatible with the PI General Command Set (GCS), the command set used by all PI controllers. ...PDF Datasheet
E-761 PCI-Bus Piezo Nanopositioning Motion Controller a World First
PI introduces the world's first PCI-bus digital nanopositioning motion controller for closed-loop piezoelectric positioners & scanners. The new E-761 motion controller is designed to provide more flexibility and better overall value than any other digital piezo controller on the market today. ...more information
E-755 Digital Piezo Controller for NEXLINE® Piezoelectric Linear Nanopositioning Drives
E-755 digital nanopositioning controllers are designed to drive the novel, patented, NEXLINE® nanopositioning linear drives. Coordinated action of shearing and clamping piezo elements is what allows NEXLINE® to break through the barriers of conventional nanopositioning actuators. ...more information

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