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Waterproof Industrial Piezo Actuators
A new waterproof and oil-proof piezo actuator for harsh environments, encapsulated in a hermetically sealed stainless steel container is ready for the toughest industrial-class piezo applications.
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Low-Cost Piezo Flexure-Actuator
The P-604 motion-amplified piezo flexure actuator was designed with low cost in mind. It targets instrumentation applications in fields from bio-technology to precision optics.
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Linear Drive for Automation: Fast and Self-Locking with PILine® Piezomotors
Piezo motor specialist PI introduces the new M-272 linear actuator for automation applications based on a maintenance-free PILine® ultrasonic ceramic motor. PILine® piezo ceramic ultrasonic drives offer an affordable alternative to electromagnetic linear motors and motor-leadscrew combinations when small dimensions and/or high speed are important. ... more information
High-End Ceramic Linear Motor Actuator
N-216 NEXLINE® high-load linear motors are ultra-precision nanopositioning actuators with travel ranges to 20 mm and push / pull forces to 600 N (130 lb). The operating principle is based on coordinated motion of a number of highly preloaded linear and shear piezo elements acting on a runner and does not involve rotation/linear conversion. The working principle is non-magnetic, vacuum & clean room compatible. ...more information
PI Adds New Products to Its Vacuum-Compatible Line
A variety of vacuum compatible systems is now available from PI: from piezo stages to classical motorized positioners and even complex 6-Axis Hexapod systems for use in a vast variety of applications. ...more information
New High-Performance Piezo Actuators and High-Voltage Amplifiers
Four newly developed, preloaded HVPZT actuator series (P-212, P-216, P-225 and P-235) are now equipped with the advanced PIC 255 PICA Power piezoceramic stacks. ...more information
P-876 DuraAct™ Piezo Composite Patch Transducers
P-876 DuraAct™ patch transducers are piezocomposite transducers for adaptronics and commercial applications such as aerospace, smart structures, automotive, and machinery. ...more information
M-664 and M-683 Low-Profile Linear Stages with Closed-Loop Linear Encoder
The new M-664 and M-683 low-profile stages extend PI's family of linear-piezo-motor-driven precision linear positioners. For improved guiding accuracy, the M-664 uses two crossed roller bearings mounted on ground aluminum profiles. ... more information
M-674 PILine® RodDrive: Integrated Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Linear Actuator
M-674 PILine® RodDrives represent a new level of integration between PILine® OEM piezo linear motors such as P-661 and guided micropositioning systems such as the M-661 series stages. RodDrives can replace classical drive elements like rotary motor/leadscrew assemblies, or magnetic linear drives. They consist of a rod which is preloaded by piezo linear motors from two sides. Depending on the way of integration, either the rod ...more information
P-601 Motion-Amplified Piezo Flexure Guided Actuators
PiezoMove® vs. Conventional Lever Amplified Actuators: Lever amplified piezo actuators provide significantly longer travel ranges than standard, direct drive actuators. What sets PiezoMove® actuators apart are the internal frictionless flexure-guides, making additional bearings or guiding mechanisms obsolete when integrating the actuators into a positioning system. Three versions providing up to 480 µm travel are available. ...more information
NEXLINE® Piezo Hexapod - Non Magnetic 6-Axis Precision Positioning System
PI has developed a custom, non-magnetic piezoelectric hexapod based on the N-215 NEXLINE® ultra-precision piezo motor drives. This Hexapod 6-axis positioning stage can be used in applications with very strong magnetic fields. ...more information
PI Wins Photonics Circle of Excellence Award at Photonics West for Piezoelectric Multilayer Actuator Technology
PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. was honored with the Photonics Circle of Excellence Award at a dinner in San Jose, California, during 2005 Photonics West. PI received the award for its innovative co-fired PICMA® piezoelectric multilayer actuators, the worlds first all-ceramic multilayer piezo linear actuators. PICMA®s novel cofired ceramic encapsulation resists humidity orders of magnitude better than traditional polymer coatings. Inherently vacuum-compatible, its flat, hard surface is ideal for sensors. PIs blank-sheet approach optimizes stiffness, capacitance, thermal dynamics, electrode configuration and other ...Piezo Motion Tutorial
P-871 Piezoelectric Bimorph-Bender Actuator, Cofired and Closed-Loop
P-871 piezoelectric transducers are unique closed-loop piezo bender actuators based on the open-loop PL122 to PL140 PICMA®-series multilayer actuators. Equipped with high-resolution position feedback sensors they provide much better linearity, accuracy and repeatability than open loop piezo benders. ...more information

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