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News: Motion Controllers: Servo Motors,
Stepper Motors, Piezo Motors

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C-884 Servo Motion Controller, 4 Channels
The C-884 motion controller integrates linear power amplifiers and PWM drivers for 4 channels. It also features a powerful macro command language and non-volatile memory for stand-alone operation. A data recorder helps improve system performance. Various trigger I/Os and commands are available for automation tasks. ...more information
PI miCos SMC Controller Series
The PI miCos series of SMC controllers can handle everything from micro-stepped motors to torque motors and linear motors. ...PDF Brochure
C-867 Closed-Loop Piezo Motor Controller for Linear Stages / Actuators with PILine®: Drives
The C-867 ultrasonic motor controller drives linear and rotary closed-loop positioning systems with PILine® ultrasonic motors. This compact unit contains not only servo-control and communications interface, but also the power amps and specific auto-tuning cirtuitry for the piezo ceramics. ...more information
E-861: Controller for NEXACT® Piezo Linear Motor Actuators
The new E-861 controller was designed for the simple setup and automation of NEXACT® piezo stepping linear motors. The E-861's core is based on the third generation Mercury™ controller series which stands out for its high performance, simple operation and low price. ...more information
C-663 Mercury™ Step Compact Networkable Stepper Motor Controller
The C-663 Mercury™ Step is a cost-effective and flexible motion controller for applications where a precision positioner is to be controlled by a PC or PLC (programmable logic controller). The C-663 supplements the successful C-862 Mercury™ servo motor controller. ...more information
E-755 Digital Piezo Controller for NEXLINE® Piezoelectric Linear Nanopositioning Drives
E-755 digital nanopositioning controllers are designed to drive the novel, patented, NEXLINE® nanopositioning linear drives. Coordinated action of shearing and clamping piezo elements is what allows NEXLINE® to break through the barriers of conventional nanopositioning actuators. ...more information

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