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PI & PI miCos Positioners are Curious on Mars
NASA sent positioning equipment from PI and PI miCos to Mars, on board science lab of the rover Curiosity. PI piezo actuators are employed in the CheMin Instrument and a miCos linear positioners focus optics in the ChemCam instrument. Both instruments help determine if there was once water or life on Mars more information
PI USA acquires MICOS GmbH Product Distribution for American Market
Auburn, MA and Irvine, CA, May 21, 2012 -- PI announces the next step in the acquisition of miCos GmbH. PI (Physik Instrumente) LP, the US operation of piezo and nanopositioning systems manufacturer Physik Instrumente GmbH, will now handle sales, distribution and service of miCos GmbH products for the US, Mexico and Canada effective June 1, 2012. more information
PI Acquires a Majority Share in Micro-Positioning Specialist miCos .
Piezo and nanopositioning technologiy market leader PI (Physik Instrumente) recently acquired a majority share of micro-positioning / motion control specialist miCos GmbH in Eschbach, Germany. The acquisition allows Karlsruhe-based PI to supplement its extensive nanopositioning and micro-positioning portfolio with the products and know-how of a leader in the field of vacuum precision positioning applications and system integration. PI's product range of fast, high-precision positioning system solutions, is particularly expanded in the area of air bearing technology and electro-magnetic linear motors. In addition, high-load rotation stages and long-travel linear stages (up to 1000 mm) are now available. more information
Latest PI Newsletter Available as PDF Download.
The #43 newsletter stories include: Nanoliter Dosing for Biotechnology, Diagnostics & Industry, Compact, Digital Motion Controller for Piezo Nanopositioning Systems, Linear Drive for Automation Technology, System Compatibility with Brushless Motors, More Freedom for PICMA®, Version Check and Downloads Made Easy, PI is Heading for Growth, PI Ceramic: New Website with More Information ... more information
PI Newsletter Available as PDF Download.
The #42 newsletter stories include: Piezos in Optical Tweezers: Force Measurement in Nanoscopic Dimensions, Something New in Microscopy: 1 mm Objective Stage with Piezo Stepping Drives: Fast Steps with Nanometer Precision over Record Travel Range, Microscopy Profits from PI's PiezoTechnology: PInano™ ... Download
PI Newsletter Available as PDF Download.
The #41 newsletter stories include: Advanced Piezo Control – New Control Concept for Faster Settling, PI nano™ Precision Postioning Systems for Microscopy, Increased Data Throughput with Real-Time Operating System Upgrade ... more information
PI Newsletter Available as PDF Download.
The #40 newsletter stories include: Vibration Isolation for Industry, Laboratory and Research, Digital Motion Controller forLow-Cost Piezo systems, Piezocube for 3D Structuring, Piezoelectric Actuators for Various Levels of Integration, Fit for Use in High Vacuum, Low-Cost Drive Electronics ... more information
PI #39 Newsletter Available as PDF Download.
The #39 newsletter stories include: Piezo Nanopositioning Systems in Fluorescence Microscopy, Miniaturized Piezo Motors for Safety Technology, RodDrive Mini Motor & PI, a MathWorks Product Partner ... more information
PI Adds Design and Manufacturing in the USA
PI is ramping up its manufacturing capabilities in the US. Last year, the company hired Philip Greene as VP of Engineering and Manufacturing. The group has completed the design of a number of new piezoelectric nanopositioning products which began shipping to customers in January 2009. ... more information
MATLAB Support for PI Motion Controllers
PI has become a member of The MathWorks Connections Program. This partnership is based on the PI GCS DLL interface, that offers an easy way to communicate to all kinds of PI controllers from within MATLAB, the widely used flagship product of The MathWorks. ... Software Brochure
2009 PI Catalog Available as PDF Download.
The NEW "Piezo Nano Positioning Inspirations " catalog from PI is available now. It features more than 200 product families and a very broad range of precision motion control products such as: ... more information
PI #38 Newsletter Available as PDF Download
The new PI newsletter #38 is available as a PDF download. Contents: 3D Structuring in Nanotechnology, PiezoWalk® Linear Replacement Actuators, Low-Profile, High Load Hexapod M-850KPAH, Tools for Pixel Sub-Stepping, Dispenser for Bio-Handling ... more information
PI Newsletter #37 Available as PDF Download
The PI newsletter #37 is available as a PDF download. Contents: Piezo Motors for OCT Scanner, NEXACT® Controller, P-726 - High-Power Objective Nanopositioner, Mercury™ DC Motor Controller, High-Load Hexapod, E-712 - New Multi-Axis Piezo Controller, Increased Presence in Local Markets, P-653 - Tiny Ultrasonic Linear Motor Drive ... more information
PI Newsletter #36 Available as PDF Download
The new PI newsletter is available as a PDF download. Contents: Digital Nanoworlds / New E-753 Digital Piezo Controller, Mini Hexapod: Six Degrees of Freedom in a Small Package, P-737 Piezo-Z Microscopy Specimen Scanning Stage, Low-Profile XY θZ Stage for LCD and Semiconductor Inspection, Tip/Tilt Mirror Platforms S-330, Active Vibration Absorbers to Reduce Wind Turbine Noise Emissions, Autotuning Operation under the Best of Conditions. New 3-Channel Electronics Module... more information
Linux, Vista & 64-Bit Platform Support for PI Motion Controllers
PI offers some components for Linux, Vista and 64-bit platforms for the following motor controllers and piezo nanopositioning controllers:...Software Overview
PI Newsletter Available as PDF Download
The new PI newsletter is available as a PDF download. Contents: Small but Power-Packed - NEXACT® Actuator, PISeca™ Capacitive Sensors, E-755 NEXLINE® Controller, Mercury™ Stepper Controller, M-686 Large Aperture XY Stage--25 X 25 mm, High-Dynamics Nanopositioning Stage for Microscopy, OEM Piezo Systems, PIHera® 1800µ Stages, Hexapod Applications... more information
New! PI Capacitive Position Sensors - Nanometrology Solutions Brochure Available for Download
In the field of nanopositioning, as well as for scanning and nanometrology applications, capacitive displacement measurement systems from PI provide the highest precision and the best possible measurement linearity. Accuracy, resolution, linearity, stability and bandwidth are far better than with conventional nanometrology sensors such as LVDTs or strain gauge sensors. ...more information
PI Motion Control Software Brochure Available for Download
Contents: Software Independent of Controller and Mechanics, One Command Set for All Systems: Maximum System Compatibility, Optimizing System Performance Using Digital Piezo Motion, Controllers with PI Software, Simple Operation of Positioning Systems, Quick Integration in LabVIEW ... more information
PI Catalog Supplement Available for Download
Contents: Piezo-Driven Nanopositioning & Scanning Systems, P-772.OL Ultra Compact Open-Loop PZT Nanopositioning Stage, P-601 PiezoMove® High-Precision Lever Amplified Z-Actuator with Flexure Guiding, P-612.Z Compact Piezo Elevation Stage with Aperture, P-732.ZC High Dynamics Vertical, Nanopositioning /Scanning Stage, P-733.Z High Speed Piezo Z-Nanopositioning Stage with Direct Metrology ...more information
Latest PI Newletter Available for Download
Contents: PI Goes Hybrid, Ultra-High Precision Stages, Cost-Effective Micropositioners, Fast OEM Linear Actuators, Piezo Stages & Z-Actuators, Piezo Servo-Controller, Miniature Translation Stages, PISeca Position Sensors, Hexapod Astronomy Contract ...more information
PI Presents New Research Findings at ACTUATOR 2006
ACTUATOR is an international conference about new actuators that has been held bi-annually in Bremen since 1988. This year, as anticipated, PI and PI Ceramic presented new findings in the areas of Piezo Actuators and Ultrasonic Motors.
PI Wins Substantial Hexapod Order from General Dynamics Daughter for ALMA Millimeter Radio Telescope
Feb. 2006 - Physik Instrumente (PI) has been awarded a contract by Vertex Antenna Systems, a daughter of General Dynamics C4 Systems, to provide 25 six-axis hexapod alignment systems and motion controllers. These custom high-precision micropositioning systems will be employed to align the secondary reflectors in 25 twelve-meter telescopes - the North American portion of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array Project (ALMA) radio telescope....more information
Latest PI Newletter Available for Download
Contents: High-Performance Nanopositioning for Cost-Sensitive Applications, New Modular Nanopositioning Controller for Capacitive-Sensor-Equipped Systems, The new M-824 Hexapod – Smaller and Vacuum Compatible, M-850 Hexapod Advances Research in Dental Biomechanics, Award-Winning PICMA® Piezo Actuator Family Extended, Control Ultrasonic Linear Motors Quickly and Precisely, Low-Profile Scanning Microscopy Stages, NEXLINE® Long-Travel High Force Nanopositioning Actuators, M-403 Makes Precision Positioning a Reasonably-Priced Pleasure...more information
PI Mourns Co-founder and Longtime Senior Partner Heinz G. Lossau
On December 12, 2005 Heinz G. Lossau died at the age of 82. Mr. Lossau was a co-founder and longtime senior partner of the world-renowned precision motion control equipment manufacturer Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Products Free of Hazardous Substances— Implementation of RoHS at PI
The EU (European Union) Directive 2002/95/EC, better known as RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) will come into effect on 1 July 2006. According to Article 4, Paragraph 1 of this directive—implemented by §5 of the German Elektro- und Elektronikgerätegesetzes (Law Concerning Electrical and Electronic Devices), known as “ElektroG”—electrical and electronic devices newly ...
New 500 Page Hardbound PI Nanopositioning Catalog
The new 500 page hardbound PI nanopositioning catalog is the most comprehensive book on Nanopositioning Technology, yet!...more information
PI Receives US-Patent for Technology Enabling Higher Resolution in Nanopositioning Systems
Auburn, MA, - September 2006 - PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and precision motion-control equipment for photonics, semiconductor and life science applications has received a United States patent for its development of an innovative means of increasing resolution in existing D/A converters, without additional hardware. This technology enables PI to provide...more information
2005 "Nanopositioning and Micropositioning " Supplement Catalog
Extreme Life Time Tests for PICMA® Piezoelectric Multilayer Actuators
Dr. Bosotti, of the University of Milano, Italy, has devised a test setup to investigate the behavior of piezoelectric ceramics for the application in an active frequency tuner for ILC superconducting cavities (SC). The test conditions provide data equivalent to 10 years of continous operation in ILC cavities. P-888.90 PICMA® piezoelectric multilayer actuators were cooled down to liquid nitrogen temperatures and continuously run for 1500.000.000 cycles of switching close to maximum stroke. ...more information
PI wins 2005 Semi TIS Technology Innovation Showcase @ Semicon West for NEXLINE® Linear Drive (long range, high-force, sub-nm resolution)
PI is one of the winners of the 2005 Semi TIS Technology Innovation Showcase. PI was selected for its revolutionary NEXLINE® high-force, long-travel, high-resolution nanopositioning linear actuators. NEXLINE® overcomes the limitations of classical nanopositioning devices.
PI Wins Photonics Circle of Excellence Award at Photonics West for Piezoelectric Multilayer Actuator Technology
TPI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. was honored with the Photonics Circle of Excellence Award at a dinner in San Jose, California, during 2005 Photonics West. PI received the award for its innovative PICMA® piezoelectric multilayer actuators, the worlds first all-ceramic multilayer piezo linear actuators. PICMA®s novel cofired ceramic encapsulation resists humidity orders of magnitude better than traditional polymer coatings. Inherently vacuum-compatible, its flat, hard surface is ideal for sensors. ...Piezo Motion Tutorial
Neuer deutscher Gesamtkatalog
Der 2005 Gesamtkatalog in deutsch erscheint im Januar 2005. ...more information

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