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New $15MM 108,000ft≤ Technology Center is Open

The new facility houses an additional 200 workplaces, test and measurement laboratories, clean rooms and environmental chambers, and an auditorium for seminars and training events.
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Honey I Shrunk the V-8! New Powerful PiezoMotor

Ideal for industrial applications, high push/pull and holding forces qualify this non-magnetic drive as the fastest and strongest of its size class. Meet the N-331.
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2,048 Microstep Resolution Achieved with New Cost-Effective Compact Stepper Motor Controller

PIís compact C-663.12 motion controller is designed for 2-phase stepper motors, in open-loop or closed-loop operation commanded by USB or RS-232. Up to 16 units can be combined via daisy chain to operate multi-axis motion systems.
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New Rotary Air Bearing Series Achieve High Precision in Any Orientation

With a max payload of 13 to 425kg and virtually unlimited life, PIís RM series is a complete positioning solution based on in-house technology development and manufacturing.
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High Resolution Linear Actuator Has 66 Lb. Pushing Force

Equipped with precision ground ball screws for higher speed and a longer service life, the L-239 high force actuator has a positioning range of 52mm (2Ē), pushing force of 300N (66lbs), and 50mm/sec (2Ē/sec) maximum velocity.
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Motion Controller for Linear & Rotary Air Bearing Stages, Based on ACS Hardware

Equipped with ultra-low noise PWM drives, the A-81x controller integrates closed loop servo control, motor drives, and power supplies in a compact 19-inch rack mount design.
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Stick-Slip Mini Motor Driver for OEMís

The E-872 driver is designed to complement the size of the ultra-compact inertia motor positioners it manages. Control is simple with step and direction input via TTL signals. The high 20kHz full step frequency delivers fast response.
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1000ís of Standard Piezo Transducers, Components, and Assemblies in New Piezoelectric Solutions Catalog

Industry, OEMs, and research benefit from PIís many years of design and manufacturing experience of piezoelectric components: standard and custom-engineered disks, rods, cylinders, plates, blocks, tubes, rings, and bender elements.
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ACS Motion Control Joins Forces with PI

PI (Physik Instrumente) acquired 80% of Israel based ACS Motion Control: Positioning Systems for Industrial Applications.
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New Multi-Axis Positioning Family: Vertical, Rotary, Linear Stages

PI has developed its new family of linear, rotary, and Z-axis stages to meet the demanding requirements of high-end industrial and research applications for precision motion control.
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Quick Delivery of Piezo Nanopositioning Systems for Photonics, Microscopy, Semiconductor, Automation Markets

PI launches new accelerated delivery of high quality nanopositioning core components suited for OEM production automation, metrology systems, scientific research, and lab automation applications.
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Accuracy in Small Steps: New Precision Linear Stepper Stage

The L-511 linear stage series, with travel ranges to 155mm (6 inches) and minimum incremental motion as small as 0.02Ķm, this 2-phase micro stepper motor platform is ideal for precision positioning demanded by science and industry, especially with high duty application cycles.
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High Precision Linear Motor Stage with Absolute Encoder and Ironless Motor

The newest member of the PIMagģ family of precision positioning stages with magnetic direct drives, the V-551, is a compact ultra-precise linear translation stage equipped with an integrated absolute-measuring, 2nm resolution encoder, high velocity to 500mm/sec and quick acceleration from a newly developed ironless magnetic motor.
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Compact, Low Cost, Accurate: Mini Positioning Stages

The new ultra-compact Q-521, joining PIís existing Q-Motion linear and rotary positioning solutions product line, is only 21mm wide, and comes with travel ranges of 12mm, 22mm, and 32mm. Several options are available for the Q-521 stage series, from economical open-loop designs, to low-cost closed-loop versions and high-end feedback sensors providing 1nm resolution.
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Planar XY Air Bearing Stage Provides Better Motion Fidelity

The new PIglide HS planar XY air bearing stage is designed specifically to maximize throughput while providing the ultimate level of precision. This stage is ideal for wafer inspection and scribing applications, as well as other ultra-precision motion applications, such as flat panel inspection.
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New Sophisticated Hexapod Motion Controller

The new C-887.52, a sophisticated hexapod controller for parallel kinematics precision positioners, is based on PIís 3 decades of experience with hexapod mechanics design and control. With a real-time operating system, 6-D vector motion control, a comprehensive high-level command set, and optional collision avoidance software, this compact bench-top solution will extract the maximum performance and precision out of hexapod parallel positioning systems.
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High Load 6 Degrees of Freedom Hexapods from PI

PIís H-845 high-load hexapod 6-axis positioning systems can handle up to one ton of load, and provide resolution down to 0.5 microns. They are now available in six standard configurations for travel ranges, velocities and loads. The new models benefit from the modular architecture and PIís long experience with hexapod design, manufacturing, control electronics and software tools, resulting in fast implementation adaptable to each customerís need.
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Precision Automation Actuator Features Closed-Loop Force
and Position Control

The V-273 automation actuator with force and position control and more than 10 million cycles life time is introduced by PI. The new series of actuators, based PIMag™ non-contacting voice-coil linear motor technology, ensure high dynamics and positioning accuracy. The V-273 comes with a unique controller that reads the actuators force and position sensors in parallel and seamlessly switches from closed-loop force control to position control, and vice versa.
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6-Axis Motion Simulator Hexapod Obtains Exclusive
CIPA Certification

Driven by a wave generating motion controller, high motion fidelity in all three linear and rotation axes make this hexapod the solution not only for motion simulation but also for precision alignment and assembly of sensitive equipment, such as opto-mechanical parts and photonics components.
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High-Speed Hexapod Motion Simulator
Highly Dynamic 6-Axis Platform

PI introduces a new, high-speed 6-axis hexapod platform for dynamic motion simulation in applications such as vibration cancellation, image stabiliation and qualification of test equipment. The light-weighted hexapod is driven by electro-dynamic motors (voice-coils) and equipped with frictionless joints for maximum responsiveness. The eigenfrequency of the hexapod was measured at 200 Hz, it provides acceleration of 4g's and velocity of >250mm/sec.
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Q-Motion Miniature Piezo Positioners

PI recently introduced a new series of miniaturized, piezo-driven linear positioners at the 2015 Photonics West conference -- the world's most important trade show and conference on photonics developments.
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New Precision Air Bearing Stages / Systems

PI now offers comprehensive precision air bearing motion control and positioning products and systems, which are inherently frictionless, for smooth accurate motion. Linear, planar XY, rotary, motorized, and non-motorized air bearing stages and systems are available to serve research and industrial markets.
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PIHera: Largest Family of Piezo Stage Scanners

The PIHera family of compact, flexure-guided piezo positioners comes in a large variety of travel ranges in closed-loop and open loop configuration. Both standard and vacuum spec models are offered.
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PI miCos Expansion

PI's motion systems and motorized positioning subsidiary PI miCos has moved into the new building section at its Eschbach location in Germany. With close to 50,000 sqr ft at the companyís disposal for design, manufacturing and administration the company can look ahead to a bright future.
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Low-Cost 6-Axis Parallel Positioner

The new H-820 low-cost hexapod was developed for applications that require multi-axis motion and high flexibility but do not need sub-micrometer precision. The H-820 provides linear travel to 100mm; rotary travel to 60į; load capacity of 20 kg; velocity of 20mm/sec; and resolution in the micron range.
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LPS-22 Ultra-Compact Piezo Linear Motor Stage

The new, LPS-22 piezo motor drives are ideal for OEM applications where space is limited and masses are small. The drive design was optimized for moving small objects such as fibers, optomechanical components, micromechanics or MEMS precisely. Self-clamping at rest, closed-loop option.
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P-725KHDS PIFOCģ High-Dynamics Piezo Microscope Objective Z-Scanner

The P-725KHDS microscope objective positioners were designed for extremely fast motion over relatively short travel ranges up to 400 Ķm. Their ultra-stiff piezo drive enables higher scanning rates and faster settling.
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A new waterproof and oil-proof piezo actuator for harsh environments, encapsulated in a hermetically sealed stainless steel container is ready for the toughest industrial-class piezo applications.
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Low-Cost Piezo Flexure-Actuator

The P-604 motion-amplified piezo flexure actuator was designed with low cost in mind. It targets instrumentation applications in fields from bio-technology to precision optics.
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Precision XY Linear Translation Stage from PI miCos

PI now offers the new MCS XY linear translation stages from PI miCos featuring 4x4" travel range, resolution to 5 nanometers and load capacity of 20 kg.
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High Precision Linear Stage Family from PI miCos

PI USA now offers the complete line of PI miCos motorized positioners, starting with miniature linear stages (20-40 mm travel range, to high-load translation stages with positioning ranges up to 1 meter and more. These motorized positioners are available in a variety of standard and custom versions, including high vacuum prep, open-loop, closed-loop, high-velocity, high-accuracy closed-loop, down to 1 nanometer encoder resolution.
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C-884 Servo Motion Controller, 4 Channels

The C-884 motion controller integrates linear power amplifiers and PWM drivers for 4 channels. It also features a powerful macro command language and non-volatile memory for stand-alone operation. A data recorder helps improve system performance. Various trigger I/Os and commands are available for automation tasks.
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PI miCos SMC Controller Series

The PI miCos series of SMC controllers can handle everything from micro-stepped motors to torque motors and linear motors.
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E-836: Low Cost Piezo Driver Module
The cost-effective E-836 OEM piezo driver module is designed for driving piezoelectric low voltage actuators and positioners with multilayer piezo actuators . It provides a peak output current of 100 mA in a voltage range of -30 V to +130

E-709: Low Cost, High Peformance Digital Piezo Controller

PI's novel E-709 controller is the member of a revolutionary family of cost-optimized compact digital controllers priced at a fraction of their forebears. Its advanced functionality and high performance makes it an enabler for many challenging applications in fields as diverse as microscopy, active optics, photonic alignment and nanoprobing...

E-616 Controller for Multi-Axis Piezo Tip/Tilt Mirrors and Platforms

The E-616 is a special controller for piezo based tip/tilt mirrors and tip/tilt platforms. It works both with tripod and differential (4 stack) designs. All PI multi-axis piezo tip/tilt mirrors are based on very responsive and accurate parallel-kinematics designs: all actuators work on one platform, no polarization rotation, faster response.

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