Product Finder - General Laser Applications

The requirements of laser applications vary with the type of process and whether it’s working as a 24/7 industrial machine or in a highly adaptable research lab. This page allows the user to select from a range of key requirements. This is for guidance only and PI recommends that if in doubt please contact your local PI office.


  • Environment
    Select “Debris concern” if the process may generate particulates that could damage mechanical components unless protected. If the user feels they have adequate extraction to protect stages select “No debris”
  • Travel Range
    Stages beyond 800 mm put additional requirements on the bearings, especially in XY configurations
  • Dynamics
    High velocity means high throughput. The requirement may be during the process or positioning
  • Feature Size
    The feature size determines the resolution requirements, which are typically higher by a factor of 10
  • Duty Cycle
    For high throughput industrial applications where the machine may be in a high or continuous demand, select > 50 %
  • Geometric Tolerances
    Deviation in the flatness of a positioning system directly affects the spot size control, whereas its straightness is critical to maintain straight paths
  • Contour Type
    Delicate Features or paths require multiple stage reversal, such as circles or arcs

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