E-750.CP High Speed Digital Piezo Controller

  • Ultra-Fast Servo: 90 µsec
  • Optical Fiber Link-Interface (Optional): 1 Mbit/s
  •  DSP-based Real Time Operating System
  •  Additional High-Speed-Analog Input
  •  Integrated MACH (TM) Algorithm for Input Shaping TM (Optional)
  •  AutoCalibration Function for NanoPositioning Systems
  •  All Servo Parameters internally stored in Flash ROM


The new E-750.CP Digital Piezo-Controller offers unmatched responsiveness and precision for the most demanding OEM applications. Driving the ultra-fast P-752- and P-753 Series NanoStages, the E-750 provides Sub-ms settling and Sub-Angstrom resolution. E-750 incorporates an ultra-low-noise Piezo power amplifier, capacitance position sensing circuitry and sophisticated digital signal processing with fast servo control algorithms.  It is also the first system on the market integrating PI's exclusive Mach (TM) Throughput Coprocessor technology (optional) for the fastest possible overall system throughput by totally eliminating the effect of mechanical resonances. In addition it features an ultra fast (1  Mbit/sec), FiberLink Interface with galvanic isolation to eliminate coupled EMI as a source of low-level position modulation (distance up to 50 m). A high-bandwidth analog input (0 to 10 V) is also standard.

OEM customers will appreciate the AutoCalibration function, allowing random combination (and easy inter-changeability) of controllers and NanoPositioning systems with factory default configuration. Calibration data, linearization data and optimized servo parameters are stored in each NanoPositioning system and read by the controller upon power up.

A digital linearization algorithm and the exclusive use of precision components in the controller guarantee excellent linearity and accuracy of position.

Target applications include track profiling, scanned-probe microscopy, microablation and active optics.

The controller is equipped with a wide range power supply for use throughout the world.

ORDERING INFORMATION: E-750.CP Digital Piezo-Controller E-750.FL PCI-Card with Fiber-Link-Interface


Functiondigital piezo controller and power amplifier 
Processor 32 Bit floating point DSP, 50 MHz
Sample rate 30 µs (Sensor), 90 µs (Servo-Loop)
Effective Resolution DAC20 Bit
Sensor typescapacitive two plate sensors 
RS-232-interface115 kBit/s, BiSync protocol, ISO 1745-1975 (E)
Fiber-Link Interface (Optional)1 MBit/s 
Max. output power10 W 
Current limitationshort circuit proof 
Output voltage range-20 bis +120 V 
Piezo- and sensor connectorCombo-D-Sub; Size DB, Layout 7W2, 137W2SC30N40x (CONEC) 
Dimension125 x 50 x 262 mm
Weight2 kg 
Operation voltage range90-264 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 30 VA