Why are PI Steering Platform Solutions Superior?

  • Choice of Piezo and Voice-Coil Drive Fast Steering Mirrors
  • More than 40 years Experience in Designing Flexure Guided Tip/Tilt Mirror Platforms
  • Large Variety of Standard and Custom Models
  • More than 40 Years Experience in Designing Piezo Motion Systems
  • Own Piezo Ceramics Factory (PI Ceramic)
  • Largest Variety of Controllers (Digital, Analog, High Speed, High Power, OEM....)
  • State-of-the-Art Metrology Lab: Thermical, Acoustical, Seismical Isolation
  • Own Capacitance Sensor Design & Manufacturing
  • Momentum Compensation
  • Vibration Cancelling Algorithms for fastest Response and Settling

PI offers a large range of Ultra-Fast Piezo and Voice Coil Driven Fast Laser Beam Steering Mirror Tip/Tilt Platforms specially designed for Active and Adaptive Optics applications. Providing large tilt angles and of several milliradians, fast response (down to sub-millisecond range) and sub-microradian resolution the systems are ideal for dynamic operation (e.g. tracking, scanning, etc.) and static positioning of optics and samples.

In dynamic applications, the fast tip/tilt platforms help compensate drift, instabilities or other disturbances caused by temperature effects, turbulence in the atmosphere, changes in the optical path length, symmetrical errors of conventional refraction systems, vibrations and deformations, etc. These disturbances can be corrected by single tilt mirrors or mirror arrays. Since resolution, accuracy, and velocity requirements are high for these applications, piezoelectrically driven tilt mirror systems are optimally suited.

Typical applications are:

  • Mass storage (optical disk) manufacturing
  • Correction of polygon scanning mirror faults (printing technology)
  • Vibration cancellation (laser systems, imaging)
  • Image stabilization (astronomical telescopes, imaging)
  • Laser beam stabilization (resonators, optical set-ups)
  • Laser beam scanning (lithography, optical set-ups)
  • Laser beam steering and tracking (telecommunication satellites, etc.)
  • Bore sight systems (defense industry, law enforcement)

Related Products and Additional Resources

The high resolution Tip/Tilt platforms described here are standard products suited for a variety of applications. They are examples for solutions feasible with piezo electric technology.

Apart from these examples, PI has developed a range of special systems for OEM & custom applications, from astronomy to aerospace to medical research.

PI combines over 40 years of experience in designing piezoelectric nanopositioning systems with a highly motivated team of physicists, mechanical and electronic engineers, and state-of-the-art equipment for simulation, manufacturing, and testing. PI also has its own Piezo ceramics factory to ensure consistency and reliable quality. If the right solution is not in this catalog, talk to your local PI sales representative. We will be happy to help design a customized system.

This is a legacy product that may have limited availability or may have been replaced. Ask a PI engineer for an equivalent new model.