P-893 • P-894 LEMO / BNC Adapter


P-893 • P-894 LEMO / BNC Adapter
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P-893.10 LVPZT/BNC Adapter Cable

LEMO Plug/ BNC female

Cable: RG 174 (PVC), 1 m

Plug: LEMO FFS.00.250.CTCE31 (m) and BNC.ST.250.NTAE31 (f)

Allows LVPZT amplifier output voltage (e.g. E-5059 to be connected to an oscilloscope, etc.

P-894.10 LVPZT Adapter

Adapter: LEMO plug / 2 x LEMO socket

Type: FTL.00.250.CTF. 1 x Stecker, 2 x Kupplung

Allows two cables with LEMO FFA.00.250 male plugs to be connected to a device with LEMO 00.250 socket (e.g. E-505.00 amplifier module or P-891 extension cable).

P-894.30 BNC/LVPZT-Adapter

LEMO socket/ BNC female

Type: ABA.00.250.NTL

Allows a cable with LEMO FFS.00.250 male plug to be attached to a device with BNC socket (e.g. direct operation of an LVPZT from a signal generator)




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