Piezo Controller, Low Cost, Digital E-709

High Performance Digital Piezo Controller for Less

For OEM and research applications, the E-709 digital nanopositioning motion controller provides functionality at the price-point of an analog controller… in the volume of a paperback book! It does so without compromise:

  • Its 5th order polynomial digital linearization ensures nanometer accuracy.
  • Two notch filters facilitate crisp, high-gain actuation.
  • A fast servo update rate ensures responsiveness.
  • DAC-in-the-loop architecture guarantees positional stability.
  • It offers a host of fast interfaces including USB, RS-232, Real Time Analog and TTL interfaces.
  • Easy-to-use setup software requires no physical access to the unit. No trimpots!
  • Extensive, well-documented, interface-independent software support includes Windows .dll, Linux .so, and LabVIEW .llbs
  • Broad, robust waveform generation, data-recording and triggering capabilities come standard.

The E-709 nanopositioning controller opens up the possibilities of digital control for piezo-driven nanopositioning systems for the same price as analog motion controllers. It was designed for piezo actuators and nanopositioning stages which are equipped with cost effective measuring systems such as strain gauges or piezoresistive sensors. The advantage: higher precision, more control options and very simple operation. In addition, PI provides the full functionality of its comprehensive software packages free of charge! The E-709 can also be used for applications providing analog control signals. In addition to 2 digital interfaces, a standard broadband analog input is installed as well.

True Digital or analog? 
Note: Many "digital" nanopositioning controllers are actually analog controllers with an RS-232, USB or other communications interface grafted on. The servo technology in these controllers remains analog, with its inherent limits in accuracy, stability and functionality. A true digital controller puts the DAC inside the servo loop.


Piezo Controller overview

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