PI Ceramic Invests $11MM Into Expanding Its Piezo Transducer Production Capabilities

Ground has been broken for increasing the facility by 50%, for a total of 210,000ft².

July 22, 2019: The latest addition at the company’s HQ will offer 81,000ft² on 3 floors for multilayer piezo actuator and transducer production in addition to general office space, a significant increase to its existing 129,000ft² structure.

Managing Director Dr. Patrick Pertsch explained, "This building is an expression of our joint success here at PI Ceramic. I am excited for us to fill it with ideas, sophisticated piezoceramic products, and most of all, solutions that meet the demands of our customers”.

PI Ceramic specializes in high quality standard and customized piezo transducers for applications including medical, semiconductor, microscopy, aerospace, and robotics. PIC’s patented ceramic-insulated multilayer PZT actuators are used on the Mars Rover Curiosity after passing a 100 billion cycle stress test by JPL/NASA.

PI Ceramic currently employs about 330 people (about one quarter of the PI Group). The anticipated move-in time is planned for mid-2020.

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