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New Catalog on Piezo-Mechanic Nanopositioning Motion Systems for OEM, Industry and Research Released

This new showcase catalog from PI covers piezomechanical actuation and precision motion systems for OEM, Industry and research.

Motion and nano precision positioning systems leader PI (Physik Instrumente) released a new 250 page catalog on precision mechatronic actuators and nanopositioning systems based on piezo drive technology and frictionless flexure guiding systems.  Products covered in this catalog use PI’s in-house designed and manufactured Mars Rover-tested piezo ceramic actuators as their drive principle. 

Markets / Standard & Custom Solutions / OEM Products
A special form of electro-ceramics, piezo actuators deliver a unique combination of precision, speed, and force in a small package. Their lack of friction, particle generation, and associated wear makes them ideal for many high tech applications including photonics, super-resolution microscopy, high-speed dispensing and switching, medical engineering, etc. Miniaturized systems are available for easy integration into new or existing industrial, research, and OEM systems. Where a standard system cannot be used, customized solutions are available as outlined in the intro-section of the catalog. 

Examples of standard products highlighted in this publication range from low-cost OEM-type flexure actuators to 6-axis integrated nanopositioning systems, ultra-fast laser steering systems, and photonics alignment systems. Along with the piezo mechanic systems, digital controllers and sub-nanometer precise position sensors are part of the solutions PI offers. Many of these state-of-the-art precision motion products will be showcased at Photonics West in San Francisco later this month.

Long-Life Actuators
PI’s piezo actuators were tested by NASA/JPL for the Mars mission and passed 100 billion cycles of life testing without failures. 

Applications include optical microscopy, AFM, mechanical engineering, industrial manufacturing, quality assurance, scientific instrumentation, nano-dispensing, photonics packaging, astronomy, semiconductor test and manufacturing.




Positioning with Piezo Systems

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Press release: New Catalog on Piezo-Mechanic Nanopositioning Motion Systems for OEM, Industry and Research Released

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