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1000’s of Standard Piezo Transducers, Components, and Assemblies in New Piezoelectric Solutions Catalog

Industry, OEMs, and research benefit from PI’s many years of design and manufacturing experience of piezoelectric components.

Industry and research rely on piezoelectric solutions in high tech applications such as medical engineering, mechanical engineering, flow metering, automotive, aerospace, and semiconductor technology. Piezo systems leader PI (Physik Instrumente) introduces a new Piezoelectric Solutions catalog, showcasing piezo components and materials, piezo actuators and transducers, and a piezo actuator tutorial. 

Decades of experience culminates in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology of rapid prototyping, precision machining techniques, and automated large batch production, which is especially advantageous for OEMs. Several millions of units of standard and custom-engineered disks, rods, cylinders, plates, blocks, tubes, rings, and bender elements are manufactured in-house every year. A high degree of flexibility in the engineering process results in short lead times and the ability to manufacture individual units and very small quantities as well.

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Piezoelectric Solutions Catalog

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