Hexapod 6-Axis Stages

PI Hexapod Collection keeps Growing

PI - the world leader in Hexapod (Stewart platform) 6-axis stage motion system design - has been manufacturing 6-Axis parallel-kinematcs precision positioning systems for industry and research for several decades. An array of new standard and custom hexapod platforms is now available for a large variety of precision motion and alignment applications. All provide six degrees of freedom, have no moving cables (which improves reliability and precision), and provide a user programmable, virtual pivot point (center of rotation).

These new hexapod motion platforms can be used in a vast variety of applications, and are able to withstand extreme conditions, such as:


M-850K Ultra-High-Load Hexapod Precise Hexapod for Ultra-High Loads up to 1 Ton 
M-840 HexaLight™ High-Speed 6-Axis Positioning System 

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